Listen to  What Will Your Job Be In The Kingdom? What Will Your Job Be In The Kingdom?
Robert C Jones - 1980 - Feast of Tabernacles

What do you want to be when you grow up? Now you might think, well I'll tune this guy out he's going to talk to the kids, not so. I'm going to talk to the kids yes, but I'm going talk to everybody who is here, who can hear my voice and understand what I am saying. Now when I put it that way ...

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Listen to  Where Are The Laws Of The New Covenant Written? Where Are The Laws Of The New Covenant Written?
Herman L Hoeh - 1985

I wanted to take the time this morning to deal with a topic that, in a sense, developed from what I had given in the Long Beach Church. I want to address a question that most of us probably think we know the answers to, or the answer to, that you wouldn't disagree with, that I doubt you ever sat d ...

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Listen to  Why Are We Here On Earth? Why Are We Here On Earth?
Herbert W Armstrong - April 25, 1981 - Unleavened Bread

Well how nice it is to see all of you and to realize what a large group we have here on God's Holy Day and everything has gone along quite well I realize that God has answered many prayers and no doubt quite pleased with what is being done here this morning and now what we're going to hear from ...

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Listen to  Why Are We Here? Why Are We Here?
Herbert W Armstrong - October 6, 1978 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well greetings everybody! This is the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, and let me ask as I used to ask year after year in times past, why are we here? Well let me say once again, as I have said so many times through the years, we are here to look forward into, and to as it were, enjoy a part o ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Why Are You Here? Why Are You Here?
Dean C Blackwell - 1978 - Feast of Tabernacles

Mr. Herbert Armstrong always asked the question, "Why are we here?" One guy over in Jekyll one year said, "Because you're not all there". I don't think that is the answer really. Why are we here? I want to ask one question though before I launch into the sermon, I've used enough filler time he ...

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Listen to  Why Become Perfect? Why Become Perfect?
Norman A Smith - April 10, 1955

Because I just merely ask them, how do you know what happens after death, is there any life after death? Do the dead know anything or are they unconscious? I said science can contribute nothing, there are many ideas, the pagans have some superstitious ideas, there's this so-called Christian idea, ...

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Listen to  Why Church Doctrine? Why Church Doctrine?
Carl E McNair - December 30, 1995

There's recently a book published entitled, "Why Waco?" This book is written by James D Tabor and Eugene Gallagher, it was written by a man who is not unfriendly toward the Churches of God, he at one time was a student, one of the men, was a student at Ambassador College and also I think a member ...

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Listen to  Why Did God Kill The Firstborn? Why Did God Kill The Firstborn?
Tracey C Rogers - 1981 - Unleavened Bread

And I'm here to ask you the question, this afternoon or this morning rather, and that is "why did God kill the firstborn?" This has a great deal to do with what we've been keeping here the last several days and maybe we need to go back a bit before that period of time, but doesn't that seem a ...

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Listen to  Why Do We Fast? Why Do We Fast?
Dean C Blackwell - October 11, 1978 - Atonement

The Midland paper yesterday had an article on the front of section B this is especially striking to me because we had some guests in our home last night on their way to the Feast in Big Sandy and they live out just maybe 50 miles from where this happened. Spartan, Nevada the 51 year old Merchant Sea ...

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Listen to  Why God Allows Problems in His Church Why God Allows Problems in His Church
John H Ogwyn - November 28, 1998

Well brethren a lot obviously has been going on and a lot of things have been transpiring, I know that, that has been on the minds of certainly most of you some of you may not have been aware of some of these things, but you know, when problems come on and difficulties in life whether it's in our ...

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Listen to  Why Keep The Holy Days? Why Keep The Holy Days?
Herman L Hoeh - October 1, 1955 - Feast of Tabernacles

Since so many of you are new, I estimated perhaps a third at least from those who rose yesterday evening, a third of you have never been here before, some of you have been baptized with in the last year and have the opportunity perhaps only in the last month or two to read any articles explaining th ...

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Listen to  Why Must Christians Suffer? Why Must Christians Suffer?
Frank Schnee - November 23, 1985

Greetings to all of you and I would like to bring you greetings also from your brethren in the German speaking area and from the Aufenthalt staff at Baun. My wife sends you her greetings, so many that she knows here. She could not be here this time because she is going to be coming in January with m ...

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Listen to  Why Only a Few Chosen Now? Why Only a Few Chosen Now?
Herbert W Armstrong - June 5, 1982

Now then I'm coming to the most important part of all. Jesus said, "I will build My Church." But He said also John 6:44. Read it in your Bible there. I've read it so many times. John 6:44 No man CAN come to me... There's only one door to God, and that's Christ. There's no other way you can ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Why People Leave The Church Why People Leave The Church
Leroy Neff

My wife and I were called into the Church and started attending in 1951 and I think that in 1951 when I went to the Feast of Tabernacles, at least for part of the time, I think it was a weekend in Belknap Springs, we had one person who is here in this audience, it might have been more than one. Is t ...

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Listen to  Why The Church? Why The Church?
Herbert W Armstrong - March 6, 1982

I would like to ask this afternoon, and also to answer, "WHY the Church?" Why should there be the Church? There are churches all over the western world. They're attended every Sunday by a good section of the population. Do most people realize why there should be a church, or do they just take it f ...View Transcript

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