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All material on HWALibrary.com is offered free of charge per Jesus Christ's plain instruction, "Freely you have received, freely give" (Matthew 10:8). HWALibrary.com will never ask you to pay for any material we offer on our website.
HWALibrary.com does accept donations for the purpose of getting this message out to the world per Matthew 24:14, Mark 1:14, Mark 16:15 and feeding the flock; John 21:15-17. Donations are gratefully accepted, and if you would like to have a part in supporting the Work of God, we offer two methods below. All donations are welcomed and may be tax-deductible under United States Code, Title 26, § 508(c)(1)(A).
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Why Donate?
HWALibrary.com offers the material of the Worldwide Church of God the same as Mr. Armstrong did through the Worldwide Church of God, free of charge, gratis to all.
HWALibrary.com received 3,354,057 hits last month with an all time total of 133,723,400 hits from 161 countries around the world. HWALibrary.com has its own dedicated hosting and media center which handled 8,292,832,684 Kbytes of data last month with an all time total of 239,670,589,023 Kbytes of data in books, booklets, Bible Studies, magazine articles and other publications being viewed and downloaded 24/7; 365 days a year.
HWALibrary.com also uses a wide variety of Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Wordpress, Pinterest, etc., reaching millions more. HWALibrary.com has 1,715 audio/video files (Telecasts, Radio Broadcasts, Sermons, Bible Studies) streaming from HWALibrary.com available 24/7, 365 days a year to God's people. There has been 29,682 audio/video programs watched and downloaded from HWALibrary.com this month and an all time total of 5,545,960 views.
HWALibrary.com has to rely on God's people the same as the Worldwide Church of God did to make this message available to all. Your donations are very much appreciated to help keep this message available to all.
There is a cost for the above services and HWALibrary.com uses all donations, to make this message available to the world and to feed God's people, per God's instruction. HWALibrary.com gratefully accepts help with these costs, expenses and thousands of hours it is taking to build HWALibrary.com.

Month Year All Time
HWALibrary.com 3,354,057 40,408,727 133,723,400 Hits
Video/Audio 29,682 1,557,840 5,545,960 Views & Downloads
Kbytes 8,292,832,684 83,205,743,811 239,670,589,023 Views & Downloads
Facebook 18,984 107,387 441,601 People Engaged
Facebook 155,149 1,166,820 4,169,284 People Reached
Google+ 791 14,009 215,451 Hits
Wordpress 2,938 44,529 115,567 Hits

Total Hours Watched 831,894 - HWALibrary, YouTube & Roku TV
Words In Database 21,001,917 - Find what you're searching for in seconds!
Gigabits 185 - Gigabits of Data Files (PDF, Audio, Video, Text, Images, etc.)
Audio/Video Files 1,715 - Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
Titles & Chapters 11,094 - Titles & Chapters can be searched in milliseconds!
Countries 161 - Countries around the world have visited HWALibrary.com
Note: "Month" = Previous full month - "Year" = Previous 12 months
"All Time" total stats are calculated from January 1, 2012, official launch date of HWALibrary.com
HWALibrary.com would like to thank God for making this possible and all of you for your help and support to make this possible! HWALibrary.com would also like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments; it is so nice that so many enjoy HWALibrary.com!

Warm Regards,

We still have thousands of items to add to HWALibrary.com, we are continually converting PDF files to searchable text, audio files to transcripts and much more, the site is changing and being added to virtually every daily. So be sure to check back often!
Never before in the history of the Church has God's people had easier access to God's Word then the time we live in now! Searchable Bibles and searchable Libraries like HWALibrary.com helps God's people in their Bible studies making them fast and easy like never before!
Need an answer from a Minister to your questions? HWALibrary.com has many Ministers from 50 plus years that recorded answers and explanations to vital questions you need answers to. HWALibrary.com gives you the ability to search in seconds to get those vital answers to virtually any questions you may have!

HWALibrary.com is a non-profit "Church of God" Library headquartered in the United States. Donation receipts for tax purposes are sent in January for the previous calendar year. A copy will be sent to the address you provided. All information is kept confidential. HWALibrary.com does not share, sell or distribute your personal information.
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