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The World Tomorrow Telecast
Far East Special - Part 1
Violence and armed aggression in the world is escalating and it seems to be increasing day-by-day and week-by-week. Look at the trouble spots in the world as they are right now, the troubles in Poland, in the Middle East, in Afghanistan, the Iraq-Iran war, the troubles in North Ireland between North Ireland and Ireland, the troubles in Central America, El Salvador and other countries there, Communism getting a hold e ...
The Real Jesus The Real Jesus
Many, today, are following after "another Jesus": A "Jesus, whose name was crudely painted on barns and rocks in the 30's. The same "Jesus" who was adored by the perpetrators of the Inquisition. A "Jesus, with long hair, flow ...
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Bible Study
Preparing for the Ministry Preparing for the Ministry
The purpose of this course is to help the leading men in God's Church to become more effective leaders in their congregations and to provide them with the knowledge they need to assist their Pastor in a spiritual capacity as ...
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Learn to Fear God
I have a riddle for you this morning; how do you learn to fear God in the midst of opulence, celebration and inspiration? Think about that for a minute. How do you learn the fear of God when you're celebrating and enjoying life to the full? Turn if you would to Deuteronomy the 14th chapter, I would like to read you a well rehearsed scripture that we read quite often about the Feast of Tabernacles, ...
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Learn to Fear God
Continuing from the April number, "Conversion: Sudden Experience or Lifelong Process?" Nearly everyone is mixed up on this matter of personal salvation. It's made plain in this article. At age 16 I be ... THE TRUE FACTS OF MY OWN CONVERSION - PART 2
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God Opens Doors for The SPANISH WORK
Madrid, Spain: GREETINGS FROM the cultural capital of 270,000,000 Spanish-speaking people! Exciting new "firsts" have occurred in the Spanish branch of God's Work - "firsts" I'm sure you'll want to kn ... God Opens Doors for The SPANISH WORK
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The Spanish Work Then and Now
Just how and when did the Spanish Work begin? Whom did God use to raise it up? What growth has taken place thus far, and what must be done in the future? The Director of the Spanish Department of t ... The Spanish Work Then and Now
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Why did God create and put mankind on this earth? What is the real purpose of human life? Almost nobody knows! Yet the Bible reveals it plainly. Did you ever wonder about the countless millions of shi ... WHY HUMANS WERE PUT ON THE EARTH: PART 2
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