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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
True Gospel - Part 1
Staggering event that's going to occur and strike the whole world and comparatively soon and there is only one advance warning and that advance warning is in your bible. Now the world's greatest seller is the Bible more people have a Bible than any other book, but as Bruce Barton said; it's the book that nobody ever understands, few of them read it, fewer still understand it and fewer still believe what it says. Now ...
Just what do you mean... KINGDOM OF GOD? Just what do you mean... KINGDOM OF GOD?
Is it the CHURCH? Is it something "set up in the hearts of men"? Is it the British Empire? Is it "the good within you"? Is it "the Millennium"? Each of these is widely taught yet none is right! The shocking TRUTH is here ma ...
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Bible Study
Doctrinal Outlines - God's Purpose for Creating Man Doctrinal Outlines - God's Purpose for Creating Man
That's Incredible! was the name of a popular American television program. It specialized in showing the viewer unusual and spectacular - that is, incredible - stunts, people and events. This show dealt, of course, only in the ...
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I feel like coming home, you know? I used to be a Pastor or Co-Pastor or perhaps an assistant here or just a laymen, I don't know, for about 2 years under Dr. Hoeh and Mr. Richard Rice and a who else Dr. Hoeh [laugh], anyway so, except we used to get up early in the morning to get here was 10:30 in the morning services. We just came back from France, my family and I for the, where we attended the ...
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Sabbath Services
June 23, 2018
Join us for Sabbath services. Each Sabbath we post a Sabbath service at 7:00PM (CT-USA) Friday Evening (Sabbath sunset to sunset). You provide the opening and closing prayer and we'll supply the psalms and messages! Hope you enjoy them!

Holy Day services are also provided on all of God's Holy Days.

Sabbath Service

WHAT A PARADOX! No nations ever so rich! None ever so blessed by Almighty God! Now we stand condemned to total disaster! This is the most seriously-in-earnest article I have ever written for The Plain ... AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL - AMERICA THE CONDEMNED
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Leadership in God's Church
I have been thinking about a vital subject for some time now, and decided I should share those thoughts with all of our GN readers. That extremely important subject is leadership in God's Churc ... Leadership in God's Church
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Is Christ Divided?
Religion today seems to come in every size and shape. The many faces of religion represent every persuasion from the staid, straitlaced types to rock opera with all the gimmicks of modern-day evangeli ... Is Christ Divided?
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