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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
History of the True Church - Part 4
Now, we're ready to get directly to the actual history that will answer, where did the very church go which Jesus Christ said he would build? Men have searched history for a large popular growing visible political organized body, in endeavoring to compile the history of the Church. Now, in preceding programs, we've been going into the matter of what is the Church that Jesus Christ founded. He said that I will build m ...
Truth about EARTHQUAKES! Truth about EARTHQUAKES!
WHY more earthquakes are coming - and WHERE! What causes them! WHAT is prophesied about future earthquakes! SOMETHTNG BIG and ominous is building up deep within the earth. The sudden increase in earth tremors - both i ...
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Bible Study
The Inspired Text of the Bible The Inspired Text of the Bible
What are the fundamentals upon which a study of the Hebrew or Greek text must be based? The first and fundamental principle is very simple: God has told us in the Bible that He has indeed revealed His will to man by (1) inspi ...
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All Nations Against Jerusalem
There is a far number of things going on in terms of the world seen and as we look around us and we see things that are happening, I think it does help us to understand that the time that we're living in is certainly very much connected with this Holy Day that is going to be coming up in just over two weeks as we approach the time of the Feast of Trumpets, and as we look at the world around us, we ...
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All Nations Against Jerusalem
Japan, the industrial supergiant of the Orient, is once again determined to build an empire. Japan's approach is for different from that which led to World War II. Read this surprising report on Japan ... JAPAN'S NEW ROLE IN ASIA
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Here is the conclusion of the true story of the true Church, founded A.D. 31 by Jesus Christ, the unique and only voice giving a hopeless world its only and sure hope-the soon-coming peaceful and happ ... THIS IS THE WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD: Part Two
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The First Church of God in Barbados
Most unexpectedly-and as a surprise to all of us - Mr. Armstrong flew to Barbados to personally inaugurate the first English-speaking CHURCH OF GOD in the West Indies. Read in this article the firstha ... The First Church of God in Barbados
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The TRUTH About Ireland
Blood first flowed on the pages of Anglo-Irish history 800 years ago. The contestants in Northern Ireland today could be writing the last chapter of the violent volume. "IRELAND is a fatal disease - f ... The TRUTH About Ireland
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