Weekly Bible Study
Hello, and welcome to our Bible Study service area. The services provided are selected from the recorded library of this website HWALibrary.com.
Services are posted each Wednesday. Our service consists of an opening hymn, a Bible Study and a final hymn. You should supply the opening and closing prayer for all services. All hymns are from the Purple Hymnal of the Worldwide Church of God. The hymns are supplied with streaming video with words and offered with piano only and chorale accompaniment versions when available.
Please note: The service(s) below are supplied for those who prefer not to select their own, if you prefer different selections, please feel free to use this website to assemble your own Bible Study.
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The Wednesday Bible Study service will be displayed here at 7:00 PM CT USA each Tuesday evening. The service will remain on this page for 24 hours to cover all time zones.

Please use above "Eastern Time Zone" and "Western Time Zone" links to adjust for your local "Time Zone".

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