Listen to  Writing Styles of The Bible Writing Styles of The Bible
Dean C Blackwell

We're going to play a little game to start off today, it's a game we used to play when we drove from Saint Louis to Chicago and then from Chicago to Milwaukee on the Sabbath. Part of the game went like this, we'd open the Bible to a passage and start reading and then let the people guess where ...

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Listen to  You Must Eat Unleavened Bread You Must Eat Unleavened Bread
Don Waterhouse - April 22,1978 - Unleavened Bread

Well if you've been observing the Feast of Unleavened Bread for any length of time as we have in our family you have gone through customarily yesterday and last evening prior to sunset a meticulous operation of cleaning leavening from all parts of your home, your abode, any areas where you live, p ...

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Listen to  You Shall Know the Truth You Shall Know the Truth
Carl E McNair - January 22, 2000

What is the application of Jesus statement that we read in John chapter 8? "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Was there something which triggered this thought in Jesus mind or did God have a message for us? Which those who reject truth may never see, is this the simple pla ...

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Listen to  Your Redemption Draws Near Your Redemption Draws Near
John H Ogwyn - January 6, 2001

The German Economic Minister and the Russian Minister of Economic Development and Trade met in Berlin on December 12th to discuss details of a plan to exchange Russian debt for German equity in Russian companies. The two sides have agreed in principle to swap a large share of Russia's fourteen bil ...

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Listen to  Youth Youth
Gary E Antion - October 6, 1979

Good morning, everyone. Nice seeing everybody out, and I really am glad to see everybody a little closer bunched together because it's difficult to spread any enthusiasm throughout an audience if everybody is detached. You know, if somebody says something that's funny, or that's an interesting ...

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