Listen to  What is Christ Doing? What is Christ Doing?
Herbert W Armstrong - April 24, 1982

Now a lot of people wonder what He has been doing ever since. And the church was started after He ascended up to heaven ten days after. And the church grew for a little while and it was so claiming that gospel of the Kingdom of God. But inside of about twenty one or twenty two years they were preach ...View Transcript

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Listen to  What Is Conversion? What Is Conversion?
Dean C Blackwell

You know, what is conversation anyway, when are you converted, you know, why should young people want to be baptized? You know a lot of young people in past years, they get up to their Junior or Senior year in High School they begin to want to think about baptism, now why should anybody want to be b ...

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Listen to  What is it That Defines You? What is it That Defines You?
John H Ogwyn - November 1, 2003

As we look around in the world today, we find that there is a lot of effort that's made by people in marketing business to try to define various categories of people and they do incredible amounts of research, incredible amounts of opinion sampling and polling to try and identify all these various ...

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Listen to  What Is Sin? What Is Sin?
Herbert W Armstrong - December 5, 1981

Well, a crowd began to gather around us. And pretty soon another one of the young fellows, a half a block away, he came running over. He couldn't give me an answer. And then another one came, and he couldn't give an answer; and he ran and brought the evangelist himself there. And I said to the e ...View Transcript

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Listen to  What IS the Gospel? What IS the Gospel?
Garner Ted Armstrong - 1972

NBC News asked me, "Do you believe the world is going to end soon." I had to say, no I don't, and as a matter of fact, the gospel of Jesus Christ has nothing whatsoever to do with the end of the world. Oh now that's going to be like a cold shower to some people. Why thems fight'en words, didn+ ...

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Listen to  What Is The Gospel? What Is The Gospel?
Herbert W Armstrong - September 23, 1975 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well I just stopped by brethren this afternoon on my way back home on my latest trip around the world, I hadn't concluded the trip yet and by the way I stopped off also at six other Feast sites and I bring you greetings from all of the Feast sites on the Atlantic Coast and from Big Sandy, Texas an ...

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Listen to  What is the Holy Spirit? What is the Holy Spirit?
Richard J Rice

When I came to the door this morning; "Are you wearing a new brown suit?" and I said, "No Fred, I finally got around to having one of my old black ones cleaned." So a. The other day Fred was sporting a new blazer [inaudible] for a compliment, so finally I reached up and felt the lapel on his coat an ...

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Listen to  What is the Kingdom of God? What is the Kingdom of God?
Roderick C Meredith - July 25, 1953

Weakness is showing at every turn and people all over are beginning to revolt, in Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, all those places, rumors of revolt, they're just ready, but we don't help them in that way we just want to appease Russia we're afraid we might offend Her - and eventually allow ...

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Listen to  What Is The Spirit of The Law? What Is The Spirit of The Law?
John H Ogwyn - 1995

Well greetings Brethren and a special hello to all of you from the brethren down in South Louisiana. I want to discuss today a subject that I think is a very fundamental subject and yet it's one that has been misunderstood by virtually all of the professing religions that claim to get their religi ...

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Listen to  What It Means To Be An Unworthy Servant What It Means To Be An Unworthy Servant
Dibar K Apartian - February 9, 1980

Could you please tell me what it means to be an unworthy servant, or unprofitable servant? I know a woman very well, she is very much in the Church, thankful and trying hard, yet she was afraid that she wasn't growing enough, fast enough, or perhaps well enough. The scripture she had in mind was i ...

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Listen to  What Kind of Bride Will Christ Marry? What Kind of Bride Will Christ Marry?
Robert F Bertuzzi - 1979 - Feast of Tabernacles

Good morning; for me this is the greatest feast that I have ever been to, my 20th one and for me it is the greatest ever. I'm sure many of you feel the same way, the spirit is here of God and I just don't feel much of the spirit of the devil here in this room; we're very thankful for that. We ...

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Listen to  What Today Really Means What Today Really Means
Herbert W Armstrong - October 8, 1981 - Atonement

Now watching world events as we have been doing, and I've been way on top of it all of the time watching it very, very closely, that it seems for the last 15 years that God has been holding up the progress of events in the world, that they have not continued to gain momentum quite as fast as they ...

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Listen to  What Will Your Job Be In The Kingdom? What Will Your Job Be In The Kingdom?
Robert C Jones - 1980 - Feast of Tabernacles

What do you want to be when you grow up? Now you might think, well I'll tune this guy out he's going to talk to the kids, not so. I'm going to talk to the kids yes, but I'm going talk to everybody who is here, who can hear my voice and understand what I am saying. Now when I put it that way ...

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Listen to  Why Are We Here On Earth? Why Are We Here On Earth?
Herbert W Armstrong - April 25, 1981 - Unleavened Bread

Well how nice it is to see all of you and to realize what a large group we have here on God's Holy Day and everything has gone along quite well I realize that God has answered many prayers and no doubt quite pleased with what is being done here this morning and now what we're going to hear from ...

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Listen to  Why Are We Here? Why Are We Here?
Herbert W Armstrong - October 6, 1978 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well greetings everybody! This is the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, and let me ask as I used to ask year after year in times past, why are we here? Well let me say once again, as I have said so many times through the years, we are here to look forward into, and to as it were, enjoy a part o ...View Transcript

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