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What did Caiaphas do for a living?
He was a priest.

Matthew 26:57
Hippies, Hypocrisy And Happiness
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Hippies, Hypocrisy And Happiness
Ambassador College Publication  

The "Hippies" have emerged as a whole new subculture around the world. The drug-taking cult has rejected modern society, rebelled against the Establishment, and withdrawn to a psychedelic world of bizarre thrills. You need to know WHY the Hippies are the BAROMETER of a SICK, SICK SOCIETY! "LOOK AT YOU" - sneered the hippie-"needing a couple of stiff drinks before you have the guts to talk to another human being. Look at you - making it with your neighbor's wife on the sly. Look at you, proclaiming Peace to the world while you machine-gun and bomb innocent people in Vietnam, in support of a corrupt government. Look at you, fouling up the land, polluting the water and air for profit and calling this nowhere scene the 'Great Society'! Look at you. "And you think you're going to tell us how to live? You've got to be kidding!" These are the disillusioned words of a California hippie a young man who has dropped out of society and rejected its values, turning to the bizarre world of LSD. These words sum up the real essence of the new Hippie ideology!

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Publication Date: 1968
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