Listen to  Why Only a Few Chosen Now? Why Only a Few Chosen Now?
Herbert W Armstrong - June 5, 1982

Now then I'm coming to the most important part of all. Jesus said, "I will build My Church." But He said also John 6:44. Read it in your Bible there. I've read it so many times. John 6:44 No man CAN come to me... There's only one door to God, and that's Christ. There's no other way you can ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Why People Leave The Church Why People Leave The Church
Leroy Neff

My wife and I were called into the Church and started attending in 1951 and I think that in 1951 when I went to the Feast of Tabernacles, at least for part of the time, I think it was a weekend in Belknap Springs, we had one person who is here in this audience, it might have been more than one. Is t ...

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Listen to  Why The Church? Why The Church?
Herbert W Armstrong - March 6, 1982

I would like to ask this afternoon, and also to answer, "WHY the Church?" Why should there be the Church? There are churches all over the western world. They're attended every Sunday by a good section of the population. Do most people realize why there should be a church, or do they just take it f ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Why The Day of Atonement Why The Day of Atonement
John H Ogwyn - September 15, 1994 - Atonement

It is God that designates and sets apart, He tells us in the book of Leviticus chapter 23 as to why we are here today, why we're not out pursuing our work and our labors in the way that the community around us is. God tells us in Leviticus chapter 23, verse 26 (Leviticus 23:26). "the Eternal spoke ...

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Listen to  Why The Firstfruits Why The Firstfruits
Herbert W Armstrong - May 26, 1985 - Pentecost

Why are we the firstfruits? WHY? I'm not talking about what, when, or how, or anything else; but why? We are the firstfruits to become teachers to teach others. The Church is school. And we are to be taught the way of God, the way of life; and to be taught of God's program - of God's program t ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Why The Holy Days? Why The Holy Days?
Herbert W Armstrong - October 13, 1979 - Last Great Day

Now, there might be some little problem of discerning, exactly, whether that meant the day that really followed the Feast of Tabernacles. Because they were still all there, just like we are today. Or whether that meant the last of the seven days, which would have been yesterday in our time of this F ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Why the Work is Important to God Why the Work is Important to God
Gerald D Waterhouse - April 23, 1977

You know everyone ought to realize that God is a God of order, not of confusion and since He is a God of order He must have an orderly manner by which He is going to bring about His world. Now since God is not the author of confusion, but of order and peace, He's got to have a system by which He b ...

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Listen to  Why We Are Here Why We Are Here
Herbert W Armstrong - October 10, 1957 - Feast of Tabernacles

Everybody wants that blessing, and all too often, people are not willing to go in the direction that God has said that will produce the blessings. The world wants the blessing. The world isn't finding it because the world is going right away from it, going in the opposite direction, because the wo ...

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Listen to  Why Would You Come Out of This World? Why Would You Come Out of This World?
Herbert W Armstrong - July 30, 1983

On Monday, for our third visit this year up to Orr, Minnesota for the camp up there and then I'm going over to the camp Lake Loma, or whatever you call it Lake Loma anyway in Scotland, however they pronounce it over there in Scotland and I think it's good and perhaps necessary that I get over an ...

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Listen to  Why? Why?
Dibar K Apartian

I feel like coming home, you know? I used to be a Pastor or Co-Pastor or perhaps an assistant here or just a laymen, I don't know, for about 2 years under Dr. Hoeh and Mr. Richard Rice and a who else Dr. Hoeh [laugh], anyway so, except we used to get up early in the morning to get here was 10:30 i ...

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Listen to  Why? Why?
Bruce Vance - April 27, 1974

Well, good morning! I guess for a minute until the lights come on and you can see, I can talk about nothing, at least say hello. Oh, it seems to me my wife and I were discussing and trying to figure out the last time it was that we were here and I had the opportunity to be in the church, actually in ...

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Listen to  Will He Find Faith? Will He Find Faith?
Carl E McNair - December 25, 1999

Recently in the Reader's Digest the current December addition, there is a cover article you may have read or certainly probably have seen, cover article is "Who's Millennium" and then there's a picture, photograph reportedly of Christ, or depicting Christ. The article is written by Paul Johnso ...

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Listen to  Will You Fall Away? Will You Fall Away?
Earl H Williams - April 28, 1979

What type of vision do you have? 20/20, 60/40 a 0/0, what kind of vision do you have? How do you see things in life? Do you always see things that are right in front of you, or do you only see things that are a far off, are you near sighted, are you far sighted? Is your vision in proper perspective? ...

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Listen to  Work Out Your Own Salvation Work Out Your Own Salvation
C Wayne Cole - April 12, 1955 - Unleavened Bread

Work Out Your Own Salvation - Sermon - C. Wayne Cole ...

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Listen to  World at Rest World at Rest
John H Ogwyn - 2000 - Feast of Tabernacles

Good to be back here with you, certainly enjoyed the special music, very beautiful selection, very well done. It's always one of the things that is so enjoyable at the Feast the opportunity to hear the music, the singing, that so much work goes into the preparation of. Well brethren we are here of ...

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