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Just after the death of Jesus, how many disciples were there?
One hundred & twenty.

Acts 1:14
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Everybody wants that blessing, and all too often, people are not willing to go in the direction that God has said that will produce the blessings. The world wants the blessing. The world isn't finding it because the world is going right away from it, going in the opposite direction, because the world thinks that's the way to find it, and this world has lost its way. Brethren, why are we here? Isn't this a strange thing to call this a Sabbath day? This is Thursday; this isn't Sunday. Some people, you know, are crazy enough to think that Saturday should be observed for Sunday, as they say, "I think all of us among them." But here we are on Thursday and calling it a Sabbath. I think we need to have our heads examined. Well, most of the people in the world would think so, but this is not a very happy world.

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: October 10, 1957