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Whose skeleton did Moses take with him out of Egypt?

Exodus 13:19
Bruce Vance  
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Well, good morning! I guess for a minute until the lights come on and you can see, I can talk about nothing, at least say hello. Oh, it seems to me my wife and I were discussing and trying to figure out the last time it was that we were here and I had the opportunity to be in the church, actually in Toledo. And I think it was about 3 1/2 years ago. It doesn't seem like it could be that long ago, but it has been that long ago. And we were, we've been down several times to visit with a number of you. I've been fishing out of Chuck Yoders and played golf with Kent Bailey and Joe Coucher and Vic Cox, and done odds and ends of other things. I've been to the dance a few times but haven't been in the church service for a good many years. So it's very nice to be back, very pleasant to be so. And I'm sure that, for me at least, it will be enjoyable. Amy and I were talking on the way down, coming to Ludwigs, which is where we're staying. That Toledo has kind of become, for us, home. I don't have a home as such anymore. My mom sold the house I grew up in and moved to California and bought a condominium.

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Sermon Date: April 27, 1974