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What happened to Lot's wife?
She was turned into a pillar of salt.

Genesis 20:26

Help the Underdog!
Good News Magazine
January 1954
Volume: Vol IV, No. 1
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Help the Underdog!

It is natural to sympathize with the underdog-the fellow who is persecuted or "picked-on." How does this apply in God's Church? HAVE you ever had what is known as a "suffering hero" complex? Chances are, you probably have. Most of us have it once in a great while, but quickly solve our problem and get over it. But with some people, this complex becomes a fixed mental habit. When these people are denied what they want - even though they don't deserve it - they begin to feel sorry for themselves and to place the blame on others. They usually set out immediately to win sympathy for their "cause." They often lead a great many others into an attitude of bitterness toward those who are supposed to be persecuting them - the "underdogs." Psychologists are quite familiar with this complex. Every organization or business of any size has its share of "suffering heroes."

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Good News MagazineJanuary 1954Vol IV, No. 1