Listen to  The 9th Commandment The 9th Commandment
John H Ogwyn - 1980

There was a time here in this nation, particularly in this part of the country, where many times business arrangements were just simply made as a verbal agreement, you know, yes I'll do this or I'll do that and they shook hands and that was it. That was all there was, that was the only contract ...

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Listen to  The Abundant Life The Abundant Life
Harold Way - January 10, 2009

Brethren we recently observed the Feast of Tabernacles and we know the Feast is considered to be a foretaste of what God has instore for all who accept this way of life to which we are called and we also realize that it is actually in a definite time order, we know that we are called as first fruits ...

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Listen to  The Awesome Human Potential The Awesome Human Potential
Herbert W Armstrong - October 16, 1982

Well brethren, it's hard to realize that another feast has come and gone, but I am sure you were all elated. All the reports that I have had from all the feast sites were simply wonderful and everybody says best feast ever and we hope that next year will be and I think it did slightly excel the ye ...View Transcript

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Listen to  The Bible - Good For Your Health? The Bible - Good For Your Health?
Dean C Blackwell

The subject I'd like to cover today, in the time we have left here, is one that I enjoy, you know we have a sign out in Pasadena up on the Academic Complex that says, "The Bible is the foundation of all knowledge", now the Bible isn't all knowledge, you know the Bible isn't an Engineering book ...

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Listen to  The Big Picture The Big Picture
John H Ogwyn - November 11, 2002

Today I want to discuss with you a very important key as far as something that is necessary for successful leaders. We're in training to becoming kings and priests in tomorrow's world. There is a vital key to every successful leader must have and those that don't have it simply are not success ...

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Listen to  The Bride Of Christ The Bride Of Christ
Ronald D Kelly

Mr. Armstrong has been talking quite a lot recently, noticed it in the mail you've been receiving. You also should have noticed it in both the films. And I was sitting there next to Mr. White, both last night and this morning kind of jiving him a little bit and kidding with him on my behalf. I sai ...

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Listen to  The Carnal Mind The Carnal Mind
Dean C Blackwell - 1979

Today I would like to give what I consider to be the most important sermon I've given since I've been here. I mentioned that to the students in Big Sandy toward the end of the Comparative Religion class. I gave the same in the, toward the end of the Christian Leadership class. You find a rather ...

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Listen to  The Cause of Problems In Marriage The Cause of Problems In Marriage
Leroy Neff - July 12, 1980

This summer will mark the 38th anniversary of our marriage, my wife Maxine and I. And anniversaries, at least wedding anniversaries are very important and very precious to me and I hope of course of all you happy people as well. If you're not happy maybe you're not so anxious and happy about the ...

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Listen to  The Church in Prophecy The Church in Prophecy
Herbert W Armstrong - March 28, 1981

Now many of the prophecies are concerned with conditions in the world - world conditions. But I think we are vitally concerned with where are WE in God's Church right now? Where are we in the chain of prophecy? What's happening now? What has just happened? What is going to happen next? We need t ...View Transcript

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Listen to  The Church is a New Civilization The Church is a New Civilization
Herbert W Armstrong - June 12, 1982

After He (Jesus) had qualified, He said, "THE TIME IS FULFILLED!" Now He had qualified and He could proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God. That's the government of God, the Family of God that will rule a different civilization. He came to call people OUT of this world and to START that new ...View Transcript

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Listen to  The Church Will Go to a Place of Safety The Church Will Go to a Place of Safety
Raymond F McNair

Well brethren I am sure a number of you saw the Democratic and the Republican conventions that were held fairly recently. I wonder how many of you might have heard some of the closing remarks that were made by Senator Barry Goldwater in which he, after he had made the remarks in his typed script he ...

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Listen to  The Coming United States of Europe The Coming United States of Europe
Frank Schnee

Good afternoon everyone; very happy to bring you greetings from your Brethren in the German speaking part of Europe, we have quite a few of them over there. We will be having the Feast of Tabernacles again in two locations, one of which is really very unique and that's the Feast in Carlsbad in Cze ...

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Listen to  The Conversion Process The Conversion Process
Dean C Blackwell - 1980

Then I will sing of your forgiveness, for my lips will be unsealed oh how I will praise you, you don't want penance, if you did how gladly I would do it, you aren't interested in offerings burned before you on the altar, it is a broken spirit you want, remorse and penance a broken and a contrite ...

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Listen to  The Day of Atonement The Day of Atonement
John H Ogwyn - October 9, 2000 - Atonement

Well good afternoon once again, in Leviticus 23 the scripture tells us in verse 27, "that on the 10th day of the 7th month there is to be a Day of Atonement, it is to be a holy convocation you shall afflict your souls" were told, we're also told in verse 28 that "we're to do no work in that day" ...

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Listen to  The End Time The End Time
Carn A Catherwood - 1981

I think all of us realize more and more dramatically each day that the world we live in is tottering on the brink of, well some very unbelievable dramatic crisis of different kinds and although hundreds and maybe thousands of prophecies that the Church of God has discussed over the years and basical ...

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