Listen to  The Coming United States of Europe The Coming United States of Europe
Frank Schnee

Good afternoon everyone; very happy to bring you greetings from your Brethren in the German speaking part of Europe, we have quite a few of them over there. We will be having the Feast of Tabernacles again in two locations, one of which is really very unique and that's the Feast in Carlsbad in Cze ...

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Listen to  The Conversion Process The Conversion Process
Dean C Blackwell - 1980

Then I will sing of your forgiveness, for my lips will be unsealed oh how I will praise you, you don't want penance, if you did how gladly I would do it, you aren't interested in offerings burned before you on the altar, it is a broken spirit you want, remorse and penance a broken and a contrite ...

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Listen to  The Day of Atonement The Day of Atonement
John H Ogwyn - October 9, 2000 - Atonement

Well good afternoon once again, in Leviticus 23 the scripture tells us in verse 27, "that on the 10th day of the 7th month there is to be a Day of Atonement, it is to be a holy convocation you shall afflict your souls" were told, we're also told in verse 28 that "we're to do no work in that day" ...

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Listen to  The End Time The End Time
Carn A Catherwood - 1981

I think all of us realize more and more dramatically each day that the world we live in is tottering on the brink of, well some very unbelievable dramatic crisis of different kinds and although hundreds and maybe thousands of prophecies that the Church of God has discussed over the years and basical ...

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Listen to  The End Time Prophecy and Daniel The End Time Prophecy and Daniel
John H Ogwyn - October 2, 2001 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well brethren we are here of course at the Feast of Tabernacles we're in the midst of the fall festival season and it's a season that focuses our attention on the establishment of the Kingdom of God. On the time when the God of heaven will setup a kingdom that will never be removed and of course ...

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Listen to  The Exodus The Exodus
Dean C Blackwell

We're in the Passover season, so I think it's kind of fitting that we look a little bit about the way the Jews look at this season were going to be celebrating, this is from the World's Great Religion put out by Life Magazine, and it's one of the text books we use in Comparative Religion ove ...

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Listen to  The Faith Once Delivered The Faith Once Delivered
John H Ogwyn - February 3, 2001

You know brethren, through the years there's been a lot of people who have talked about, getting back to the faith once delivered. You know something, the Protestant use that expression and what they're talking about is, what John Wesley taught when he founded the Methodist, or what Martin Luthe ...

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Listen to  The Fear of God The Fear of God
Maceo D Hampton - June 1, 1974

I have chosen this time to speak about, the fear of the Lord. Now we've heard many of these topics that I'm going to bring in junction with the sermon, but yet all these topics dove tail and they all relate to each other. The fear of the Lord, the keeping of God's Law, the coming of Pentecost, ...

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Listen to  The Founding of the Church in America The Founding of the Church in America
Herman L Hoeh - June 30, 1979

I would like to tell a little bit about that trip and the story of the Churches of God there and to go back also to the founding of the Churches of God in the United States then now not of course the United States but one of the British Colonies'. How it is that this land became the center of the ...

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Listen to  The Glory of God The Glory of God
Donald L Ward - 1978

If you're five years old, we have a lot of five year old children who sit in services every week who learn a tremendous amount. They go home and tell their parents what they've learned. I don't care if you're twenty, thirty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty plus whatever your age is, what shoul ...

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Listen to  The Good News The Good News
Herbert W Armstrong - 1979

Well greetings everybody; It's so nice to be back but not in this condition with a sprained ankle and let me just give you a bit of advice if you must do something to your ankle, break it don't just sprain it, because they tell me it would have been healed before now if it had been broken and th ...

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Listen to  The Good News of the World Tomorrow The Good News of the World Tomorrow
William D Miller - October 1, 1980 - Feast of Tabernacles

All these lumps you get in your throat, the special music has been very, very inspiring. I determined that I was going to beat them up here though, before they blocked the entrance way, I need all the time I can get today. It sure is good to be up here, had to wait seven days to give this sermon jus ...

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Listen to  The Great Day of Atonement The Great Day of Atonement
Carl E McNair - September 27, 2001 - Atonement

Greetings everyone, meeting today on the day of Atonement, an annual affair, one we look forward to because of the significance and the meaning for each of us and all of us collectively of this particular day. Most of the world, Christian world, claims Christ's human blood and believe that Christ+ ...

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Listen to  The Great Harvest The Great Harvest
Dean C Blackwell - Last Great Day

I'm sure this is the service we all hate to see come every year, the last service in the Feast. When you first get here you have the first day or two, you think, boy this is so great I just wish this would go on and on and after you sat for seven or eight days you think well, maybe God knew what H ...

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Listen to  The Great Tribulation and Place of Safety The Great Tribulation and Place of Safety
Charles E Bryce - January 24, 2004

The Bible talks about a time so horrible that it will be worse than any time before and any time after, that's hard to comprehend, with the human mind. Worse than the Dark Ages, the Bubonic Plague, all the World Wars that have gone before, pandemic diseases, Hitler's death camps, Stalin's deat ...

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