Listen to  Onward Christian Soldiers Onward Christian Soldiers
Roderick C Meredith - January 13, 1979

Well that is really a hard act to follow, as I'm sure you know. I don't want any voting here, but how many of you think that I will finish on time? We're getting back to like old times, I'm not going to keep you until a quarter of 6 though, I promise, we had that situation last week of cours ...

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Listen to  Opening of the Seals Opening of the Seals
John H Ogwyn - October 18, 2000 - Feast of Tabernacles

Celebrating a very special time, celebrating a time that is to come, and it is very significant that at this particular time, at this festival season, there is a great deal that is going on in the world around us and there are events that are going on that are actually setting the stage for the fulf ...

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Listen to  Our Calling Our Calling
Herbert W Armstrong - October 10, 1976 - Feast of Tabernacles

But, if we overcome, we are the ones to reign and rule with Christ. Those who are converted after Christ comes, then He's going to set his hand to save everybody that is still living. They don't have that and they don't have Satan to overcome. Satan will be gone, then. And we have to overcome ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Our Children Are Sanctified Our Children Are Sanctified
Herbert W Armstrong - July 28, 1979

Now, I want to say to you, that we have programs coming that are going to involve in a far greater measure the children, and the young people, and teenagers in God's church, and in the families of God's church, than we've ever had in the past. I have an article that I've just finished writin ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Our Warfare Our Warfare
Leroy Neff - 1995

On June 28th, 1914, Austrian Crown Prince, Prince Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbian Nationalist in Sarajevo in what we call Bombaška afera, as a result of this assassination World War I erupted and in a short time, Europe and later the United States and many other nations were at war. It invol ...

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Listen to  Overcoming Sin Is A Continuous Process Overcoming Sin Is A Continuous Process
Colin Adair - April 7, 1980 - Unleavened Bread

To him that takes the path of least resistance and floats downstream like a dead fish giving in to every whim and desire will I grant to sit with Me in My throne. Now that may sound a little biblical, might ring a bell somewhere in your memory, of course it is not though a quote from the Bible, even ...

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Listen to  Passover Passover
Dean C Blackwell - 1978 - Passover

In the New Testament, one of the days that this Church has in common with all other churches even though it's given many names, called the Ucrith. Now where in the world did you get that name? Ucrith, are we going to run across that name here in I Corinthians 11 or Matthew 26 or, you know I for ye ...

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Listen to  Passover Examination Passover Examination
Herbert W Armstrong - March 4, 1982 - Passover

In just two weeks and three days will come the Passover once again. What, after all, is the real meaning of the Passover? We take it every year. I forgot to count the number of years that this will be for me. I think it's about fifty-six at least, maybe fifty-seven. I'll have to count it again. ...View Transcript

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Watch  Passover In Your Home Passover In Your Home
Herbert W Armstrong - April 17, 1981 - Passover

If you are eligible to take the PASSOVER, but unable to meet with one of God's Churches at the prescribed time, you may observe it in your own home alone or with other eligible members of your family as follows: ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Passover Preparation Passover Preparation
Harold Way - March 4, 2009 - Passover

Very happy Sabbath and good afternoon to each of you. Brethren as it has been mentioned, Passover is only a few days away and God desirers that we come to the Passover in the right attitude, in the right frame of mind and with the right approach to what is actually taking place. Now there may be tim ...

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Listen to  Passover Season Examination Passover Season Examination
John H Ogwyn - March 1999 - Passover

The Passover season and Mr. Halshawing going through in the Sermonette talked about the matter of examination. You know there are different ways that things can be examined, the Scriptures back in I Corinthians 11 talk about that, you know supposedly things are being examined regularly on an ongoing ...

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Listen to  Passover Service Passover Service
Herman L Hoeh - April 1, 1977 - Passover

We will have a prayer in this particular instance as certainly they must of had at the Passover meal before the final occasion where Jesus introduced emblems for this era. Our Father in Heaven we come before You this evening to commemorate an event that has meant something special among all the peop ...

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Listen to  Patient Endurance Patient Endurance
John H Ogwyn - December 27, 2003

I grew up in the Baptist Church and one of the things that I remember learning as a Baptist, one of the doctrines of the Baptist Church is the idea that once saved, always saved. Any of you who used to be a Baptist, you remember that, and by being saved, what they meant was that you had joined the C ...

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Listen to  Peace & Prosperity Peace & Prosperity
Jerold W Aust - September 27, 1980 - Feast of Tabernacles

Good afternoon Brethren, sincerely hope that this Feast of Tabernacles is truly your best ever, I think that, not only think, but I know my wife and I can say, that this Feast of Tabernacles so far, has been the very best we've ever enjoyed. I've noted that a couple of people have come to me in ...

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Listen to  Peking, China Dinner Speech Peking, China Dinner Speech
Herbert W Armstrong - January 4, 1979

Peking, China Dinner Speech - Sermon - Herbert W Armstrong ...

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