Listen to  Quality of Our Belief Quality of Our Belief
Ronald W Laughland - September 19, 1981

The congregation is under heavy attack, and I think we're always under attack. Sometimes it is so subtle we don't realize it, sometimes the attack is so quiet, so stealthful, so easily moving that we don't recognize it. You know if we are out in the open woods someplace and we see a rabbit scu ...

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Listen to  Realistic Perceptions Realistic Perceptions
Harold Way - 2010

We all realize as we've been hearing, that we live in a world that is rapidly changing and this Nation in which God so mercifully allowed us to live in is changing rapidly and there is much talk about how it will all end and some are scrambling, attempting to keep it all together and you and I kno ...

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Listen to  Reality Reality
David J Albert

I've been meaning to give, since I heard a very fine sermon at the Feast by Mr. Art McCarroll. Mr. McCarroll sermon to me was in many respects the highlight of the Feast of Tabernacles this year. He gave one, for those of you who didn't hear it, on the nature of true religion and there was one s ...

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Listen to  Rearing A Family Rearing A Family
Carn A Catherwood - November 28, 1987

Certainly, I'm happy to speak to this particular congregation of God's family. The gentleman that gave the opening prayer talked about this beautiful home, and he was referring to the auditorium. I think that's a very apt phrase to use. It is a beautiful home for the family of God. Your warmth ...

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Listen to  Recapture That First Love Recapture That First Love
John Richard Seiver - March 22, 1980

Well good morning everyone; brethren we're living in the last time or the time of the end, I don't think there is much argument about that among God's people today. In fact we're living in the last days in my judgment, but even so there may still be lots of time left before Christ returns, d ...

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Listen to  Receivership & Prophecy Receivership & Prophecy
Herbert W Armstrong - January 5, 1980

One year ago, day before yesterday, Satan launched his most massive blow, up to date, to destroy the work of the Supreme Almighty God by the massive invasion of the legal arm of the largest state in the United States, the state of California. Now Jesus said "if they had persecuted me, they will pers ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Redemption and Deliverance Redemption and Deliverance
John H Ogwyn - April 14, 2001 - Unleavened Bread

Well here we are on the last service of the last Holy Day of the seven days of Unleavened Bread, we've been celebrating this festival here for the last week a time when we have been avoiding leavening and in its place have been taking in the Unleavened Bread, something that we don't normally eat ...

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Listen to  Rejoice In Restoration Rejoice In Restoration
Sherwin McMichael - October 8, 1979 - Feast of Tabernacles

The United States has been shocked from east to west and north to south. I don't think there is a state or a city or a village or a hamlet across this country that doesn't realize, by now, this autumn of 1979, that the collapse of the dollar is imminent, and that what we are beginning to see is ...

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Listen to  Relationship With God Relationship With God
Guy L Engelbart - October 23, 1978 - Feast of Tabernacles

You know Mr. Antion was talking about our moving to Cleveland when I saw him last month in Pasadena, in September, and we were talking about the moving, of course he used to live in Akron for a number of years with his family and he said, Guy I really feel sorry for you moving to Cleveland and he sa ...

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Listen to  Rely On God Rely On God
Herbert W Armstrong - April 6, 1985 - Unleavened Bread

Before I begin speaking, I want to thank all of you for the generosity and the nice offering that we had this morning, breaking a record once again. We only take up offerings seven times a year. Whereas churches that call themselves "Christian," so many of them take up offerings every Sunday, every ...View Transcript

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Watch  Remember Lot's Wife Remember Lot's Wife
Carl E McNair - March 11, 1995

Remember Lot's wife, now Lot as you know, was a man who was nephew of Abraham and his father Haran H-a-r-a-n was Abraham's brother and was deceased. There is a story, Jewish source that Haran was a firm faithful believer in Polytheism and specifically his god or his chosen god was the moon godde ...

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Listen to  Rendezvous with Judgment Rendezvous with Judgment
John H Ogwyn - September 21, 1998 - Trumpets

We're here on a day that the scripture tells us is a memorial of the blowing of trumpets. Now Mr. Friz in the sermonette talked quite a bit about the significance of Trumpets and the blowing of them, and we are here on a day that memorializes that. We're here in reality on a day that commemorate ...

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Listen to  Repentance Repentance
Carl E McNair - February 19, 2000

God has called us, that's a given. God has offered us, each of us individually and all of us collectively the opportunity of becoming members of His family, children of God. God's objective in the creation of the earth as it is today in making this earth habitable for mankind, was to create His ...

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Watch  Resisting The Devices Of Satan Resisting The Devices Of Satan
Carl E McNair - November 19, 1994

...I didn't bring all these things up here today to frighten you, but many of you have seen this before [Mr. McNair holds up the Systematic Theology Project (STP) book], I think and some of the supporting material I brought today, I will not be reading, I just simply want to use it to illustrate s ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Respect for Authority Respect for Authority
Herbert W Armstrong - 1951

You know I told you last Sabbath, that there were some property deals pending and we have now acquired all the property down across the street and there a 50 foot strip of it that goes clear across to the next block, there to the street of Vernon, all of the corner where the fence is and the Kinnelo ...

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