Listen to  The Plan of God The Plan of God
Herbert W Armstrong - September 25, 1980 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well, they designed a master plan; and they built the college according to that master plan. GOD ALMIGHTY didn't start to build what He is doing for this purpose until He had worked out a master plan for it. Now behind ALL was the supreme Mind of the Eternal God. We didn't come from a lifeless n ...View Transcript

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Watch  The Power of the Tongue The Power of the Tongue
Carl E McNair - January 8, 1994

Greetings from Montana, we have gone through a very tumultuous year, the past year or so and many of your Brethren in Montana have experienced the same kind of trauma that you have gone through. These are the conditions, spiritual conditions that prevailed and I think right now your Brethren in Mont ...

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Listen to  The Prayer of Faith The Prayer of Faith
John H Ogwyn - September 5, 1981

How can you truly pray the prayer of faith? How can you pray about something and really know whether or not you're going to receive an answer? Is there any guarantee that you're going to receive what you ask for, I mean a real guarantee? Are there prayers you can pray and have a guarantee on whi ...

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Listen to  The Purpose Here Below The Purpose Here Below
Herbert W Armstrong - October 9, 1982 - Last Great Day

One of the so-called great men of the world, Winston Churchill, said before the United States' Congress, "There is a purpose being worked out here below." - certainly implying a purpose that God above is working out. God has a master plan for working out that purpose. That purpose is in two phases ...View Transcript

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Listen to  The Real Meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles The Real Meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles
Raymond F McNair - September 27, 1977 - Feast of Tabernacles

Good afternoon Brethren, certainly good to be here again at the Feast of Tabernacles in the Lake of the Ozark. I had the privilege of being here, I think it was 2 years ago, and at that time I got to speak at the Dells and finally in Big Sandy that same year, so certainly a privilege to be here once ...

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Listen to  The Real Purpose of the Church The Real Purpose of the Church
Herbert W Armstrong - 1982

I would like to ask this afternoon and also to answer; Why the Church? Why should there be the Church? They're churches all over the Western World, there attended every Sunday by a good section of the population. Do most people realize why there should be a Church or do they just take it for grant ...

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Listen to  The Sabbath The Sabbath
Dean C Blackwell - 1978

I find that some of us have, as I had for years, had old fashioned ideas about the Sabbath and it came as the old idea about make-up did from misunderstanding passages of scriptures which we can understand better now because of more thorough study and research into them, I want to turn back and read ...

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Listen to  The Sabbath Question The Sabbath Question
Herbert W Armstrong - October 23, 1981

The nation is in the doldrums. The world is in the doldrums, and in violence, and trouble. This nation is now in a recession. There's no question about it. I see even the government in the White House has finally admitted it this week, and there may be worse times coming. Now God has been holding ...View Transcript

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Listen to  The Sacrifice of Our Passover The Sacrifice of Our Passover
John H Ogwyn - Passover

Brethren, we are very close to the Passover, we're less than a week away and it is appropriate at this time of year we begin to focus our attention on different aspects relating to the Spring Festivals. Now the last time I was with you I focused more on the subject of unleavening and what God woul ...

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Listen to  The Seven Eras of the Old Testament Church The Seven Eras of the Old Testament Church
John H Ogwyn - May 17, 1980 - Pentecost

The Feast of Pentecost is a day that very specifically focuses on our uniqueness as a group, as a church. It pictures the reason and the purpose of our calling as well as picturing the time period that is the duration of our calling. I think there are a number of aspects concerning the Feast of Pent ...

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Listen to  The Spirit In Man The Spirit In Man
Herbert W Armstrong - June 20, 1981

Well, this is a Feast of Tabernacles crowd! I'm glad to see all of you, and very happy that I can be here. First I want to just bring you up very, very briefly on the progress of the Work. For the last three years, we've been striving to get God's Church back on the track. I'm sure you all k ...View Transcript

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Listen to  The Spirit Realm The Spirit Realm
Roy O Holladay - October 12, 1984 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well good afternoon to everyone, well I guess it's morning, get my time here, that was certainly a beautiful song, and I know we all appreciated it. One thing I wanted to mention before starting the sermon is to again ask all of you to pray for the peace and the safety that we have here at the Fea ...

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Watch  The Ten Commandments of Child Rearing The Ten Commandments of Child Rearing
Carl E McNair - February 8, 2003

Some time ago I think I gave you a Sermon with some of the background on the subject of child rearing and I don't want to repeat myself, although it is quite likely. For some reason we do that. However if I do, it will be incidental to the main subject. Today I want to speak to you concerning the ...

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Listen to  The Throne of David The Throne of David
John H Ogwyn - November 22, 1980

One of the most remarkable proofs of God and of the accuracy of the Bible is the proof of fulfilled prophecy. The various prophecies that we can look at in context of things that God has said, prophecies that have come to pass, things that have already happened, things that are in the process of bei ...

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Watch  The Trunk of the Tree The Trunk of the Tree
Herbert W Armstrong - October 15, 1983

For the last, especially, the last three or four years, the Head of this Church, Jesus Christ, has been getting His Church back on track. We were getting off the track. The Church was getting off the track in the United States. Liberalism was coming in. It's not so long ago that I found the same t ...View Transcript

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