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Who devised a plan for Jacob to receive Esau's blessing?

Genesis 27:8-10
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"Killer Quake Strikes Thousands Die!" Such headlines appear regularly as earthquakes devastate our globe. Scientists are becoming concerned. Many feel the next big quake to strike a populated, highly mechanized area may do BILLIONS of dollars damage; thousands may be killed. One study discusses the "first earthquake to kill over one million people"! This booklet tells the grim facts as they are. It describes the devastating power of quakes where they have wreaked havoc in the past; where they will likely strike in the future. The booklet also tells you what to do in case you suddenly find yourself in an earthquake. WHEN KILLER QUAKES STRIKE! ONE OF THE MOST DEVASTATING AND CATASTROPHIC series of earthquakes ever recorded on earth suddenly shattered the quiet, gray dawn of Saturday, May 21, 1960. In major cities and sleepy hamlets along the narrow 2,000-mile-long nation of Chile, an imagination-defying time of terror began.

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Publication Date: 1972
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