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Did God Create a Devil?
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Did God Create a Devil?

The Bible pictures the whole world under the sway of an invisible devil. Where did he come from? Did God create a devil to tempt us and to lead us astray? Here are the answers from God's Word! Is THERE a devil? Many people talk about the devil and Satan. Others scoff and say it's just superstition and imagination. But is there a devil? According to knowledgeable Christians the Bible is supposed to teach that the devil is "the god of this world." Did God create a devil? What does the Bible actually teach? To find out let's look back to the very beginning. Open your Bible to Genesis 1:1. "In the beginning God...." God was before all. The next word in the Authorized Version is "created." "God created." He created the heaven and the earth. But the very next verse of the first chapter of Genesis says this: "The earth was without form, and void." The Hebrew words for "without form, and void" are tohu and bohu. Translated into English they mean chaotic, in confusion, waste, and empty.

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Publication Date: 1987
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