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Is It a SIN to Have INSURANCE?
Good News Magazine
May 1957
Volume: Vol VI, No. 5
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Is It a SIN to Have INSURANCE?

What does the Bible say about insurance? Is it a lack of faith to have insurance? IT WILL come as a surprise, but the Bible does say something about insurance! The problem of owning insurance has perplexed many in the Church. It is often reasoned by those who do not have insurance that it would be showing a lack of faith to be "protected" by insurance. Others have said that when they had insurance they did not feel they needed to trust God as much as before. It seemed to destroy their faith, since they were "protected" by men. Is this kind of reasoning right? Exactly what DOES the Bible reveal about owning insurance-about saving for the future? Is It Wrong to Save? Before we can understand the right or wrong of insurance, we must first ask ourselves the question: "Is it wrong to save for the future?" Notice what the Bible says about laying up for a "rainy day"!

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Good News MagazineMay 1957Vol VI, No. 5