Listen to  Proofs of U.S. and Britain in Prophecy Proofs of U.S. and Britain in Prophecy
Raymond F McNair - 1995

Greetings brethren, it is truly a wonderful experience to be here, my wife and I certainly wish to express our gratitude to all of you, a warm welcome, and also, just for most of all the fact that you have been willing to stand up for the truth and you have been willing to be counted. This is a happ ...

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Listen to  Proper Approach to Doctrine Proper Approach to Doctrine
Herman L Hoeh - 1976

I would like to address this afternoon a subject which is in keeping with the tradition of custom that the book of Ecclesiastes is associated in terms of reading as are some other of the books of the Bible at the various Festival seasons of the year. The book of Ecclesiastes is associated with this ...

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Listen to  Prophecy Prophecy
Herbert W Armstrong - August 10, 1984

Well Brethren, we need to realize the time that were living in, the condition today is serious. In the news now we're hearing about a nuclear winter, a nuclear war and Bible prophecy says one is coming and all indications are that it's going to come sooner than we think. That it would create a v ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Prophecy Prophecy
John H Ogwyn - 1978

I've mentioned before brethren that there are basically five areas of Bible prophecy to focus in on, five basic areas that we read about in the pages of scripture, when Jesus Christ admonishes us to watch what is going on, so there's not to be caught unprepared, what does He reference to, what d ...

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Listen to  Prophecy Prophecy
Bruce O Gore - September 29, 1980 - Feast of Tabernacles

Say good morning to all of you, sure hope all of you are having a very, very fine Feast of Tabernacles. My wife and I started out in the Ministry about 14 years ago in Indiana, went from there down to Georgia and spent 6 years there, then to College for another year, sabbatical, then back out to Nor ...

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Listen to  Prophecy - Nations of Europe to Unite Prophecy - Nations of Europe to Unite
Herbert W Armstrong - July 7, 1984

Brethren, nice to be back and again we had quite a trip. I'm not going to try to fill you in on the trip except just one or two little points perhaps. But I think Aaron Dean will have it in the 'Worldwide News' and he's describing most many of the details, so you can get it there. But let me ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Prophecy and God's Church Prophecy and God's Church
Herbert W Armstrong - January 31, 1976

Greetings once again everybody, last Sabbath I had a big audience and I would say it was bigger than our audience today comparatively, for the place where it was held, because it was held in Nassau one of the Islands just a little ways east of Florida and we're not on the air there, I think we hav ...

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Listen to  Prophecy and God's Work Prophecy and God's Work
Herbert W Armstrong - 1980

And greetings everybody; speaking to many of you scattered coast-to-coast in the United States and in Canada from British Columbia back as far as the Middle West and appearing live on large movie screens brings to my mind now something about when the first telephone was used. Alexander Graham Bell t ...

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Listen to  Prophecy For The Feast of Trumpets Prophecy For The Feast of Trumpets
John H Ogwyn - September 16, 2004 - Trumpets

Well greetings brethren, it's a real pleasure to have the opportunity of speaking with you here on the Feast of Trumpets. You know brethren; the world we're living in is a world that is really entering the final stage, the final phase of the events in Bible prophecy before the very end of this a ...

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Listen to  Purpose of the Feast of Tabernacles Purpose of the Feast of Tabernacles
James L Friddle - October 19, 1981 - Feast of Tabernacles

Today is the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles 1981 in the Lake of the Ozarks and all around the world. After tomorrow, The Last Great Day we will all be returning to the world, to the conditions that we left 7 days ago, to be here together, to fellowship together and hear the messages, the sermo ...

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Listen to  Qualifications For Rulership Qualifications For Rulership
Michael V Swagerty - 1985 - Feast of Tabernacles

As the choir and the orchestra are finding their seats, I would like to take just a moment before getting into the sermon material to express a word of gratitude to all of you that have labored in small and large areas at this Feast of Tabernacles to make it the wonderful experience that it is. As M ...

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Listen to  Quality of Our Belief Quality of Our Belief
Ronald W Laughland - September 19, 1981

The congregation is under heavy attack, and I think we're always under attack. Sometimes it is so subtle we don't realize it, sometimes the attack is so quiet, so stealthful, so easily moving that we don't recognize it. You know if we are out in the open woods someplace and we see a rabbit scu ...

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Listen to  Realistic Perceptions Realistic Perceptions
Harold Way - 2010

We all realize as we've been hearing, that we live in a world that is rapidly changing and this Nation in which God so mercifully allowed us to live in is changing rapidly and there is much talk about how it will all end and some are scrambling, attempting to keep it all together and you and I kno ...

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Listen to  Reality Reality
David J Albert

I've been meaning to give, since I heard a very fine sermon at the Feast by Mr. Art McCarroll. Mr. McCarroll sermon to me was in many respects the highlight of the Feast of Tabernacles this year. He gave one, for those of you who didn't hear it, on the nature of true religion and there was one s ...

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Listen to  Recapture That First Love Recapture That First Love
John Richard Seiver - March 22, 1980

Well good morning everyone; brethren we're living in the last time or the time of the end, I don't think there is much argument about that among God's people today. In fact we're living in the last days in my judgment, but even so there may still be lots of time left before Christ returns, d ...

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