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Why was Jacob given his name?
He deceives.

Genesis 25:26
We Are Family
Kenneth R Swisher  

Feast of Tabernacles

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I certainly want to thank the festival choir and all of those who are participating in the special music. It's been absolutely excellent, and we really appreciate it. I don't know what's wrong with Texas, but I've got another announcement here this morning. This is an emergency. This pertains to a blue Volkswagen. License plate number DOOS475063494572638114729 87654321-666. Whoever owns this Texas car, would you please move it? Your license plate is blocking both traffic lanes on Hwy. 54. We do things big in Texas, but we don't exaggerate. We'll be keeping the Feast here in North Texas, just like keeping it in our backyard, almost. We left Dallas, crossed a couple of county lines, Oklahoma and Missouri, and we were here. I want to pick up where the sermonette left off, more or less, this morning. I think we always marvel at how God guides and directs and inspires, particularly the sermons during the Holy Days. And the thing I want to emphasize here this morning is that God is a family. We are a family.

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: October 14, 1981