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How was it decided which land in Canaan would be given to each tribe?
By casting lots.

Numbers 33:54, Joshua 18:6
Wait On God
Don Waterhouse  
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I mentioned to you a minute ago that I did receive this letter, I think most all the Ministers must have, from a member in California who makes this statement, this lady says; "It's time to tell the Church that many members at their Headquarters", talking about Pasadena, "feel that because of corruption and division it would be best to cease sending any money and let this mess go to the lenders, if you have any integrity left get to work and find out the answers. There's plenty in the rumor mill, but I'm not including that here or other things that I've known for years, you need to prove that you have a desire for the truth" signed so and so...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: 1978