Listen to  How to Win the War with Satan How to Win the War with Satan
Kenneth M Martin - 1979 - Feast of Tabernacles

World events all around us are crashing for the crash or grand smash climax and the end of this present world and its civilization. Actually it seems as if God has been deliberately holding back world events, and we'll compare Revelation 7:1, to give His Church time to get cleaned up and ready for ...

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Listen to  How You and I Came to Be Here How You and I Came to Be Here
Herbert W Armstrong - May 16, 1981

I think I have a very important message for you today. I want to speak on how you and I both came to be here. Jesus Christ started the Church a little over 1950 years ago (or just about that) in the year 31 A.D. The Church jumped the track of the truth that He had given them between 53 and 70 A.D. T ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Human Nature Human Nature
Harold Way - March 13, 2010

Brethren, we all know that we are commanded to examine ourselves, to see if we are in the faith as God's Word puts it, we're to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith and as we approach the Passover just what do we examine, I would think if I were to ask that question to any number of i ...

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Listen to  Hungering For God's Righteousness Hungering For God's Righteousness
Herbert W Armstrong - June 11, 1983

And, brethren, I tell you it's a matter of what are we hungering and thirsting for? To be like the world? Or are we hungering and thirsting for God's righteousness? I wonder if you've ever thought about this thing of hungering and thirsting FOR GOD'S RIGHTEOUSNESS. I remember just recently i ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Hypocrisy Hypocrisy
Leroy Neff - 1978

What do you think was the sin most frequently condemned by Christ? I'll repeat that, what sin do you think was most frequently condemned by Christ? I was thinking of that last evening and for the last few days I've had a particular subject in mind and I began to think, well now what did He conde ...

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Listen to  Identifying God's True Church Identifying God's True Church
Herman L Hoeh - January 25, 1986

You learn a great deal when you compare one thing with another and in the same way we can learn by comparisons. It is very common of course for people who come out of the Christian world more specifically the Protestant world to see the Church of God as simply another group that has acquired certain ...

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Listen to  Idols of the Heart Idols of the Heart
Carl E McNair - March 24, 2001

Today I want to sum up my message in my introduction and the reason I do it is because I'll have about 30 pages of notes and I know I'm not going to go through them all. It's just too big of a subject and I have too much material to do, so I'm going to tell you what I'm going to tell ya an ...

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Listen to  If I Were The Devil If I Were The Devil
Leroy Neff - 1977

If I were the devil, and I'm not going to exhaust the subject but I want to hit some of the main points today. In order to set the stage, to get the overall picture I'd like to turn the book of Revelations, sort of by way of introduction, Revelation the 12th chapter, Revelation 12 and about 2 or ...

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Listen to  If You Believe If You Believe
Carl E McNair - February 17, 2001

Today I'd like to talk about the subject of faith, I think faith is the most profound doctrine in the Bible and the reason I think it is difficult for us to understand it, is because it is in truth a matter of the Spirit it is truly Spiritual. Faith is a subject I think that defies comprehension b ...

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Listen to  Importance of The Church Importance of The Church
Dean C Blackwell - October 13, 1979 - Last Great Day

There is an excellent article that was on the September the 20th front page of the Pasadena Star News, it's not written by the regular Star News writers, it's an Associated Press Article, it wasn't the headline on the earlier addition, "Church Verses State, Battle Lines Drawn", a Government at ...

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Listen to  Importance of Youth Importance of Youth
Frederick C Kellers - October 9, 1979 - Feast of Tabernacles

I don't know, it seems like probably when I was up in Massachusetts, there were a lot of problems and there was so many healings. People who, ladies who had apparently cancer, lumps in their breast, would be healed within a week and probably the healings that I remember most, a little girl that ha ...

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Listen to  Increase In Value To God Increase In Value To God
John A Halford - December 1, 1979

Just one of the short articles in the Readers Digest, this month, the last month. I was thumbing through it while waiting for my wife to pay for her groceries at Von's. And I read that the value of the human body, has increased due to inflation. Sometime ago scientists worked out that taking the c ...

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Listen to  Innumerable Company of Angels Innumerable Company of Angels
Carn A Catherwood

... numbers and in fact an innumerable multitudes of Angelic Beings of all types and varieties and categories and levels that are assigned to give protection and service and help in various ways to every single member of the Church of God worldwide, and I believe that. I also eluded to the experienc ...

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Listen to  Interracial Marriage Interracial Marriage
Herbert W Armstrong - May 15, 1982

It's like my executive assistant, Bob Fahey said, he's looked at the book to see how it comes out in the end, and he says we win. Yes we do. That's the way it's going to turn out. At least Christ is going to win and we'll only win if we're on Christ's side. We don't need to worry abo ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Is 70 Years Long Enough Is 70 Years Long Enough
Selmer L Hegvold

One of the most remarkable things though to me in the Work of God is the amazing way in which we know, we have come to know, the working of God's purpose and plan. I've often wondered why it is that God shortened life span. Have you ever wondered why God shortened the life span from just under a ...

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