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Judas Iscariot

John 12:6
How To Get Close To God
Abner D Washington  
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Frankly, I guess all of you can just rise and we sing the last hymn and go home. I think Mr. Maines sent his satellite over my house last night and scanned my notes. I was just sitting there telling my wife, "I say, oh no, that's one I had, oh no there's another one he's got". It's funny how that runs sometimes, it's not the first time that that has happened, happens quite often, but I think if you bear with me, we can maybe switch around or approach some of those scriptures that he used in his sermonette. We'll turn them around just a little bit and maybe get a little bit more out of them. An additional sum of something of that nature. But really these past three weeks I have heard repeatedly the phrase "close to God". Now some of the individuals that we encountered wanted to get close to God, some thought that they needed to get close to God. Some wondered how they could get closer to God...

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Sermon Date: May 10, 1980