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Who am I: I was mommy's little boy. One of the things I enjoyed doing was cooking lentil stew. I had a twin brother.

Genesis 25:24-28
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Mr. Armstrong is back in full swing in the work. He's working hard, he's busy all the time, and he's in good health. I think you'll all rejoice in that. Perhaps you may have heard that last week, but I have been with him a good deal the last couple of weeks, and I know that he is. He's going strong again. He has not been making broadcasts. I think for a couple of reasons, he feels it's good that Mr. Ted Armstrong does get the experience of just going right through and then seeing what effect it does have on the mail and also a little hard. He's been out of practice, I'd say for many months, making the day-to-day he's putting it off. And hope that you will pay. All of you who know him and understand that God will be with him and straighten him and inspire him in making the daily program because I know that it will make a difference. He should be on, and Mr. Ted Armstrong wants him to do it as bad as any of us too.

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: December 21, 1957