Listen to  Good News & Bad News Good News & Bad News
David Jon Hill - September 29, 1977 - Feast of Tabernacles

Good morning, I came from the Pocono's, Mr. Meredith was in Wisconsin Dells, we had about 5,400 people there in Pocono which is about 500 people more than they expected, I hope that, that occurs at every Feast site, I just added a third here, either that or people were going here and there instead ...

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Listen to  Goodness Goodness
David J Albert

Let me begin by saying over amongst one of the things that I have grown increasingly dissatisfied with the University about and it's something I think you would be dissatisfied with too if you were down there very often has been simply the lack of goodness, a lack of goodness. Because as you know ...

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Listen to  Grateful for God's Blessings Grateful for God's Blessings
Herbert W Armstrong - May 4, 1982

I have noticed that different speakers in the Bible Studies have different approaches, their own different personalities, different types of subject matter, and we have variety; and. I never cease to thank God for it. I think of the type of Protestant church I was brought up in. They didn't have a ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Great Tribulation Great Tribulation
Raymond F McNair - September 27, 1980 - Feast of Tabernacles

Greetings Brethren, from Mr. Armstrong first and foremost and then from those of us in Pasadena, we no longer call it Headquarters, Headquarters is in Tucson, Arizona where Mr. Herbert W Armstrong lives. My wife who's here with me and I've been looking forward to being back in Lake of the Ozarks ...

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Listen to  Guard Your Attitude Towards God's Church Guard Your Attitude Towards God's Church
Dean C Blackwell - 1974

Good morning everyone; what one thing will have more to do with you staying in God's Church than any other? Where would you think this would come into your life, what area, what one thing? In the past we've had a number of different attitudes reflected in the last 8 to 10 years, we've had men ...

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Listen to  Have Patience Not Murmuring In This Spiritual Wilderness Have Patience Not Murmuring In This Spiritual Wilderness
Maceo D Hampton - April 12, 1980

Well, these are not the Days of Unleavened Bread, but these are the times that are a sequence, as it were, the things that come on the heels of the Days of Unleavened Bread and God intends for us, at this time every year, to learn the valuable and very vital lessons that are available by looking at ...

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Listen to  Have You Been Conquered by God? Have You Been Conquered by God?
Dean C Blackwell - 1978

You know, Mr. Armstrong in talking with men that's been around like Tony Hammer and Ed Smith and you know all the other coordinators that's been around for years and years and years and years. He's always staying on the trunk of the tree and we ask several questions without a lot of news today ...

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Listen to  He That Overcometh He That Overcometh
Herbert W Armstrong - May 1981

Well thank you everybody, and let me say, not only greetings to you here in this beautiful auditorium, but also to the several hundred over in Perth who are listening in to this just now and are with us. And let us understand that we are having fellowship right now, not only among ourselves, not onl ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Healing - Part 1 Healing - Part 1
Richard Duncan - November 22, 1980

Technological knowledge advancements in many, many fields, in the field of Medicine is one such area. In fact the field of Medicine has practically become a religion and no doubt you've known people who virtually worship doctors, that type of thing. Well I have a new book here, I was given a copy ...

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Listen to  Healing - Part 2 Healing - Part 2
Richard Duncan - December 13, 1980

OK, before we have the sermon now, we're going to have another song, but the sermon will be a continuation of the "Healing" this is part 2 by Mr. Richard Duncan from 1980 and this is a not complete sermon, I'm sorry to say. I got the tape and these tapes were given to me and when I got to the en ...

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Listen to  Health and Healing Health and Healing
Dean C Blackwell - December 14, 1957

One subject that's been brought to our minds in the past 2 or 3 months and is going to be brought to our minds more in the next six and a half years, more than any other subject, is something we found a lot of the Church people weak in, we found a lot of Church people falling back and actually bei ...

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Listen to  Heart of a King Heart of a King
John H Ogwyn - December 2, 1998

God has a great plan and a great purpose, a great plan and a great purpose that involves you and me and ultimately all people all of humanity. As we look in the world in which we live as we look in our own lives as we look at the what God has done in terms of working with us and with His Church and ...

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Listen to  Herbert W Armstrong's 50th Feast Herbert W Armstrong's 50th Feast
Herbert W Armstrong - October 9, 1976 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well, greetings all my little children. I address you as my little children because all of you who have and are led by the Holy Spirit are directly or indirectly my children in the Lord Jesus Christ. I might say that this is the fiftieth Feast of Tabernacles for me, number fifty. And let me see, I t ...View Transcript

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Listen to  History of the True Church History of the True Church
John H Ogwyn - October 27, 1979

I've drawn on some of these parallels as we have been going through the Bible studies on the life and letters of Paul. There are many parallels that can be drawn between the Church in the first century and the Church in our time, the end time, many of the things that it has gone through and I thin ...

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Listen to  Hoe to the End of the Row Hoe to the End of the Row
Donald L Ward - 1978

Bill Brown made a million, Bill Brown think of that, a boy you remember as poor as a rat who hoed for the neighbors at jobs by the day, well Bill's made a million or near it they say, well you can't understand it well neither can I and then I remember and now I know why, the bell might be ringin ...

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