Listen to  Demons Demons
Dean C Blackwell - 1978

Today I'd like to begin to cover a subject that most people don't like to cover. Most people don't like to think about or talk about or even admit exists. I know Mr. Dart, when he graduated from Ambassador College with all the Ministerial training and launched out on the visiting program the f ...

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Listen to  Developing the Personality of God Developing the Personality of God
Ronald D McNeil - August 14, 1976

You look so comfortable, I was sitting back during the announcements and I began to yawn and slowly but surely my mind began to wonder, but it's nice anyway and comfortable. Some of the halls we've met in from time to time in different areas you couldn't go to sleep if you wanted too. We were ...

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Listen to  Disfellowshipping Disfellowshipping
Dean C Blackwell - 1978

Today I would like to approach a subject and cover a subject, two different ways. First of all we'll just use human reasoning like people seem to what to do all the time and it's not unique because some people in the Bible did the same thing, but do you think that its Christian to excommunicate ...

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Listen to  Divorce and Remarriage Divorce and Remarriage
Herman L Hoeh - January 4, 1975

[Poor Audio in places, good headphones or speakers recommended!] Good morning to all of you, Dr. Zimmerman, I talked to Mr. Hagebo, Simmon Hagebo and I extended him and his brother best wishes, he's from Northern Ireland territory some of you may know, anyway the conference we did have briefly wit ...

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Listen to  Does Prayer Make A Difference? Does Prayer Make A Difference?
John H Ogwyn - April 20, 2002

Good morning once again, you know it's interesting how things work out sometimes when they started the telecast course we play one of our telecast about once a month, here in the sermonette slot. I didn't know which telecast was going to be selected, I scheduled that a telecast would be played t ...

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Listen to  Don't Let Somebody Swipe Your Crown Don't Let Somebody Swipe Your Crown
Reinhold Fuessel - 1981

You can title this a couple different ways if you wanted. One title might be "Why are we here?" I don't know, one title could be "Why are we here?", another title could be "Why did you leave?", number three title could be "How you can keep on keeping on" and ...

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Listen to  Don't Murmur Against God's Leaders Don't Murmur Against God's Leaders
Leroy Neff - 1978

There has been a leader in God's Work who has prompted a host of criticisms and comments as I go through some of these comments I would like for you to see if you know who I am speaking of. It seems that some continually complained about how he ran the Work and some have said that he took too much ...

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Listen to  Don't Opt Out of Life Don't Opt Out of Life
John Richard Seiver - November 10, 1979

If you knew absolutely that Christ was coming next month, I mean for certain that it was scheduled just like the Feast of Tabernacles next year is scheduled and we know it's coming, if you knew absolutely that Christ was coming next month, would you make any changes in your life? Now think about t ...

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Listen to  Dwell Together With Understanding Dwell Together With Understanding
Ronald D Kelly

It's now been about 7 or 8 years ago, it's hard to believe, I gave a sermon which many of you heard on tape, probably about the differences between men and women. I've been asked many times to give that sermon over again and a Minister is kind of reluctant to do that, we put our sermons in the ...

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Listen to  Economy and the Beast Economy and the Beast
David Jon Hill - 1977 - Feast of Tabernacles

I know most of you didn't recognize me, because I lost part of my face, but after about 3 years my wife said; "honey, I forget what you look like" so I had to shave it off to remind her again, but winters coming. So I think after the Feast I will go back to the primitive fashion that I h ...

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Listen to  Emotions Emotions
Ray A Meyer - 1978

Keep your hearts with all diligent for out of this are the issues of life. Those words of wisdom are found back in Proverbs the 4th chapter and verse 23. Very short little sentence but its impact with an incredible amount of meaning which affects our lives daily, directly and both directly and indir ...

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Listen to  Encouragement Encouragement
Leon Walker - 1977

Well good morning everybody; you know there are so many Biblical names we find in the Word of God and the Bible does very often give names to individuals based on what they are. Maybe their personality, maybe their character or things of this nature and I think sometimes it's very interesting to l ...

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Listen to  End Time Prophecy End Time Prophecy
Gerald D Waterhouse - Nov 12, 1977

I think God would have His people realize that Mr. Armstrong isn't alive because he just happens to have a little better health than other people and therefore he's alive and well as a result of good health, rather than he's alive and well because God wants the man alive and well. I think Mr. ...

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Watch  End Time Prophecy of Daniel End Time Prophecy of Daniel
John H Ogwyn - October 2, 2001 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well brethren, we are here of course at the Feast of Tabernacles, we're in the midst of the fall Festival season and it's a season that focuses our attention on the establishment of the Kingdom of God, on the time when the God of Heaven will setup a Kingdom that will never be removed. And of cou ...

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Listen to  Endurance Endurance
Robert L Spence - October 10, 1979 - Feast of Tabernacles

...It is something that we all must learn to do and it's something that is not natural with us and that is this matter of endurance or perseverance if you might want to call it by that title, there is just something about our human nature that we want action now, we want a decision made now, if we ...

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