Listen to  Coattail Religion Coattail Religion
Carl E McNair - March 11, 1995

The subject of the Feast of Tabernacles and the worship of God is one that has been so maligned and mixed up and confused that I sometimes marvel, I wonder how the truth of God can be so plain on the one hand and so destroyed and muddied, confused by lies and by untruths and by just a little bit of ...

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Listen to  Coming Out of Sin Coming Out of Sin
Herbert W Armstrong - April 12, 1985 - Unleavened Bread

Do we really understand why we keep them? And do we understand this particular festival of the Feast of Unleavened Bread thoroughly? You know, we have an entirely different situation today than they did in the days of Jesus and the first original, first century, apostles. I think that we have heard ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Commitment Commitment
Ronald W Laughland - December 22, 1984

Good afternoon everyone; thank you for that beautiful music, that's the second time that I've spoken now, that they've played that same music, the name of it [inaudible], the name of it I don't know if their trying to tell me something. My daughter was drawing yesterday, last evening, she dr ...

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Listen to  Conversion Conversion
Dennis G Luker

Don't just assume that just because we come here on the Sabbath we're converted, if we've been baptized, now we know of course that we do have a certain number in the Church who've never been baptized and not taken that step yet and they understand, they realize that they don't yet have Go ...

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Listen to  Could God Trust You to Rule a Galaxy? Could God Trust You to Rule a Galaxy?
Malcolm R Tofts - 1980

Nice to see you all; this sermon this morning I want to, as it were, take you on a ride with me to lift us above our hum-drum lives, to lift us above our little trials and our little problems. Let me ask you a question, how many of you do not have any trials or any problems at the moment? Can I have ...

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Listen to  Could This Really Be God's True Church? Could This Really Be God's True Church?
Leroy Neff - 1978

Well good morning to all of you, rather surprised to be able to be here today, I didn't realize that I might have this opportunity till I think it was Thursday, Thursday or Friday I'm not sure which when I had a call from Mr. Waterhouse and since he was going to be out of town, he asked if I wou ...

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Listen to  Courage Courage
Carl E McNair - November 11, 2000

Christ set an example of courage and of character which is in fact a characteristic of God and has been a characteristic of those who fear God and who emulate Him. Proverbs chapter 28 verse 1 is very compelling command or instruction Proverbs chapter 28 and verse 1 says; "The wicked flees when ...

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Listen to  Creation And The Gospel Creation And The Gospel
Herbert W Armstrong - May 13, 1978

Now last night I told you that above all God is the Creator. But God also is perfect, holy, and righteous character. God first created angels and put them on the earth. He created angels BEFORE He had created the earth and the physical, material, universe. He put them here to have a part with Him in ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Criticism Criticism
Jess Earnest - October 22, 1978 - Feast of Tabernacles

Good morning everyone; I'd like to second what another Minister's already said previous to today that it is a awesome sight and a beautiful sight to see so many of Gods people invoking together, seventh day of the Feast of Tabernacles, to see so many of you it's just a beautiful and awe inspir ...

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Listen to  Current Events and Prophecy Current Events and Prophecy
Herbert W Armstrong - 1982

I just came back Monday night from a trip half-way around the earth and half-way back again. In other words almost the farthest point away from Burbank Airport where we garage our plane, almost the farthest landing strip around the earth from there that we can have, so it amounted to a trip around t ...

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Listen to  Daniel 8 Parallels Daniel 8 Parallels
Herman L Hoeh - October 20, 1979

Good morning to you; I thought today we should pickup an area in keeping with the general example of what has been occurring. I would like to choose as an illustration one of those most critical periods in the time of the Church that we know as the congregation of Israel whose problems would be an e ...

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Listen to  Daniel's Prophecy Daniel's Prophecy
Dean C Blackwell - June 27, 1979

We had the opportunity back in the 1956 for a couple years to come down and do a lot of visiting and preaching here in the St. Louis area. Then for quite a few years after that it was in the district, we had in Chicago, we came down here quite often to visit the St. Louis area as well. It's been q ...

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Listen to  Day of Atonement Day of Atonement
John H Ogwyn - September 23, 1980 - Atonement

Well good morning brethren, since we didn't plan potluck lunch today we thought we could go ahead and preach during the noon hour. We don't have anything else to do during the noon hour, so you might as well be fed spiritually, since you're not going to get fed physically. Does it seem to you ...

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Listen to  Day of Atonement Day of Atonement
John H Ogwyn - September 16, 2002 - Atonement

Well greetings brethren, it's very nice to be able to have this opportunity to speak to you here on the Day of Atonement, we're approaching the Feast of Tabernacles very soon and as we are gathered to observe this particular Holy Day, it's important for us to think about and to understand the ...

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Listen to  Deception To Come Deception To Come
Donald E Mason - October 16, 1981 - Feast of Tabernacles

Certainly a beautiful feast, I hope that the rain hasn't dampened anyone's spirits. Seems like this year the theme of the feast is being a family, certainly that is the theme of the Feast of Tabernacles, so all this rain has just helped us spend a little more time together as family, I know our ...

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