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From which tribe were the priests appointed?
Tribe of Levi.
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Good morning once again, you know it's interesting how things work out sometimes when they started the telecast course we play one of our telecast about once a month, here in the sermonette slot. I didn't know which telecast was going to be selected, I scheduled that a telecast would be played today, but I had no idea which one, they would select and so when it was turned on of course it was Mr. Ames speaking about prayer. Well what's interesting is I had planed my sermon to discuss the subject of prayer, but you know prayer is a big subject, there is an awful lot you can say about it and Mr. Ames and I of course had no clue to what I was going to speak of, he did that months ago.

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: April 20, 2002