Listen to  Keep Your Eyes On Christ Keep Your Eyes On Christ
Herbert W Armstrong - 1981

Brethren after speaking here on last Sabbath I spoke to a group of virtually 3,000 or 2,800 of our people up at Stockton on the day of Pentecost which was the next day or last Sunday and on next Sabbath, God willing, I hope to be speaking to a still larger group of our brethren and they expect about ...

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Listen to  Keeping God's Sign Holy Keeping God's Sign Holy
John H Ogwyn - 1983

A couple of weeks ago we went through and focused on the mark of the Beast on Satan's plan of disobedience and mark of disobedience a mark that makes a clear distinction between those who obey and keep the commandments of God, and those who do not. We focused from that stand point on a negative as ...

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Listen to  Keeping Up With The Times Keeping Up With The Times
William C Bradford - 1980

The specific prophecies in the Bible that are going to be fulfilled, I think it's time that we examine our lives and see if we are keeping up with the times. Very important that we keep up with the times, not at the sense that the world may keeps up with the times, because the world keeps up with ...

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Listen to  Kidnapped Kidnapped
Herbert W Armstrong - September 29, 1983 - Last Great Day

Well, brethren, what a wonderful and rare thing it is to be able to have the modern facilities we do. I wonder what the early apostles and the early church of the first century would think if they could see the types of facilities, the technology that has been developed, and the things that we have ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Kings & Priests Kings & Priests
Robert L Spence - October 18, 1981 - Feast of Tabernacles

Now if there is anything I enjoy on television, it's something that I can relate with, being the hero, right? Obviously a handsome hero, the one who wins the battle whether it be WWI or the Civil War or the Revolutionary War or maybe the fighter who wins, you know, he's being beaten to a pulp an ...

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Listen to  Knowing The Laodicean Attitude Knowing The Laodicean Attitude
Edwin N Marrs - February 2, 1982

Back a few years ago I wasn't aware of how serious Ministers took this, I know that a few years ago back I guess what they call the liberal period, there was certain things that I know that the leader of the Church would voice his disagreement with, I don't think it was Church doctrine, it had t ...

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Listen to  Learn From Old Testament Examples Learn From Old Testament Examples
Gerald D Waterhouse - May 4, 1977

Brethren I've entitled this sermon, and it is not a sermonette by any means and I fully agree with everything Mr. Neal brought out, that we shouldn't look back, but God tells us to look back on examples so we don't look back, if you get what I mean. He said look back here and that's why I do ...

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Listen to  Learn to Fear God Learn to Fear God
Leslie E Stocker - Feast of Tabernacles

I have a riddle for you this morning; how do you learn to fear God in the midst of opulence, celebration and inspiration? Think about that for a minute. How do you learn the fear of God when you're celebrating and enjoying life to the full? Turn if you would to Deuteronomy the 14th chapter, I woul ...

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Listen to  Learning To Love Our Enemies Learning To Love Our Enemies
Harold Way - 2008

Now Brethren we realize that many books have been written that paint a very true and a very gloomy picture of the Holocaust, the German death camps, the demeanor of Adolf Hitler and his Hench men and in reading those accounts there is a sense of sadness, isn't it?, at least it is to me, and there ...

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Listen to  Learning To Pray - Part 1 Learning To Pray - Part 1
Leroy Neff - December 2, 1978

I'm sure that all of us find that today's life is very busy. It seems like we do not have enough time to do all of the things we would like to do, nor do we have enough time to do the things that we know that we should do. What is the first thing that you cut down on or eliminate when you don' ...

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Listen to  Learning To Pray - Part 2 Learning To Pray - Part 2
Leroy Neff - December 16, 1978

Last time I was here, I started the series of sermons on the subject of prayer and I hope to continue that today and also next time that I'm here, let's see which will be about three weeks, I think, three weeks from now to complete that particular series. But after I had completed that particula ...

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Listen to  Learning To Pray - Part 3 Learning To Pray - Part 3
Leroy Neff - January 6, 1979

I've had two previous sermons on the subject of prayer, in December the 2nd and also the 16th I had the 1st and 2nd of that particular series and since I had not completed the series, I wanted to complete it and talk to Mr. Bare to see if I could have this opportunity today to complete the series ...

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Listen to  Lesson From Unleavened Bread Lesson From Unleavened Bread
Herman L Hoeh - Unleavened Bread

I would like to discuss today the overlooked past of the significance of the Days of Unleavened Bread in terms of the present evil crisis. You and I are aware, if you have been within the fellowship of the Worldwide Church of God, that the first annual festival occasion is the spring festival season ...

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Listen to  Liberalism Liberalism
David Hulme - July 13, 1985

As a Church we went through a particularly harrowing time, most of us were around in the 70's, it culminated in the removable of a number of liberals from the Church at the end of that decade. We learned from that, I believe, that liberalism is a subtle trend, that it's a slippery kind of an evi ...

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Listen to  Literal Kingdom Literal Kingdom
Victor Kubik - September 30, 1980 - Feast of Tabernacles

Seems that names and nationalities among the Ministry have become a slight point of interest at this Feast, in fact Mr. Sinkoviac, I believe that is the pronunciation, had made a comment about his Polish background, also the man proceeding me, Mr. Saforic the Bohemian origin and I'm Ukrainian "Kub ...

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