Listen to  Mercy Mercy
John Richard Seiver - December 13, 1980

Well good morning everyone; God has many attributes and when we think of God we think in terms of those attributes such as love, compassion, kindness, long suffering, mercy and even wrath, anger, power, harshness and perhaps some others. In the Old Testament God is characterized mostly in terms of w ...

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Listen to  Microwave From Tucson Microwave From Tucson
Herbert W Armstrong - March 2, 1981

But of all those multiple thousands who heard Jesus Himself, how many do you think really believed what He said? Only 120! Some believed ON Him, but they didn't believe what He said. You know, you have to AGREE with God to walk with Him. Can two walk together, except they be agreed? That's in Am ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Millennial Dreams Will Be Fulfilled Millennial Dreams Will Be Fulfilled
John H Ogwyn - September 30, 1993 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well good morning brethren, very nice to see all of you here on this very beautiful morning of the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, a very lovely special music, both selections. We are here at the beginning of God's Feast of Tabernacles and we're celebrating a time that is yet to come, a t ...

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Listen to  Mission Of The Philadelphia Church Era Mission Of The Philadelphia Church Era
Herbert W Armstrong - December 17, 1983

This afternoon I want to speak on the mission of the Philadelphia era of the Church (this Church today) in comparison to the first Church, or the first era of the Church (the Ephesus era of the Church). It has been seeming more and more to me, as the years go by, that the Bible was written primarily ...View Transcript

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Watch  Moses and Christ Friends Forever Moses and Christ Friends Forever
John H Ogwyn - March 25, 1995

I have a subject that I want to address today that is one that is almost totally misunderstood by the professing Christian world. Most people who call themselves Christian have no idea of any particular comparison or similarity between Christ and Moses, in fact most of them would tell you that Chris ...

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Listen to  Mystery of Godliness Mystery of Godliness
John H Ogwyn - December 21, 2002

How many of you like a mystery? Have you ever read a mystery novel or watched a mystery show, you know it's been a pretty popular genre a lot of people enjoy that, Agatha Christy was a noted as an author for all her mystery books and was one of the bestselling authors of the twentieth century in t ...

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Listen to  New Heavens And New Earth New Heavens And New Earth
Herman L Hoeh - September 25, 1980 - Feast of Tabernacles

I want to thank the men and women singing with a large group of this nature, there is one thing that is important and that is to stay together and be voices of the different groups certainly indicate the care with which the musical presentation is given. Mr. Oaus mentioned we anticipated roughly 25, ...

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Listen to  One Generation Comes and Another Goes One Generation Comes and Another Goes
Herbert W Armstrong - July 14, 1979

Mr. Armstrong Address SEP, Orr Minnesota - July 1979 - Well, I see they've brought a chair and a desk up here for me, and that's not because of age, because I'm not the age people think I am. The calendar is an absolute liar! Now, I thought it had been at least three or four years since I had ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Only You Can Cut Your Children Off Only You Can Cut Your Children Off
Jim Tuck - 1979

You know we have a tremendous program for the young people of God's Church, it is a program that's designed to support and to add to the training that they receive in the home, we're not trying to take the place of the home. In fact this year when you look at our young people and I don't kno ...

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Listen to  Onward Christian Soldiers Onward Christian Soldiers
Roderick C Meredith - January 13, 1979

Well that is really a hard act to follow, as I'm sure you know. I don't want any voting here, but how many of you think that I will finish on time? We're getting back to like old times, I'm not going to keep you until a quarter of 6 though, I promise, we had that situation last week of cours ...

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Listen to  Opening of the Seals Opening of the Seals
John H Ogwyn - October 18, 2000 - Feast of Tabernacles

Celebrating a very special time, celebrating a time that is to come, and it is very significant that at this particular time, at this festival season, there is a great deal that is going on in the world around us and there are events that are going on that are actually setting the stage for the fulf ...

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Listen to  Our Calling Our Calling
Herbert W Armstrong - October 10, 1976 - Feast of Tabernacles

But, if we overcome, we are the ones to reign and rule with Christ. Those who are converted after Christ comes, then He's going to set his hand to save everybody that is still living. They don't have that and they don't have Satan to overcome. Satan will be gone, then. And we have to overcome ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Our Children Are Sanctified Our Children Are Sanctified
Herbert W Armstrong - July 28, 1979

Now, I want to say to you, that we have programs coming that are going to involve in a far greater measure the children, and the young people, and teenagers in God's church, and in the families of God's church, than we've ever had in the past. I have an article that I've just finished writin ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Our Warfare Our Warfare
Leroy Neff - 1995

On June 28th, 1914, Austrian Crown Prince, Prince Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbian Nationalist in Sarajevo in what we call Bombaška afera, as a result of this assassination World War I erupted and in a short time, Europe and later the United States and many other nations were at war. It invol ...

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Listen to  Overcoming Sin Is A Continuous Process Overcoming Sin Is A Continuous Process
Colin Adair - April 7, 1980 - Unleavened Bread

To him that takes the path of least resistance and floats downstream like a dead fish giving in to every whim and desire will I grant to sit with Me in My throne. Now that may sound a little biblical, might ring a bell somewhere in your memory, of course it is not though a quote from the Bible, even ...

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