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For what occasion did the disciples prepare in a friend's guest room?
The Passover.

Mark 14:14

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Sex in the '80s - Where Have Seven Decades Brought Us?

With this issue we begin a series of articles by Youth 83's Editor-in-Chief on love, marriage and sex. In no area of human life has there been such drastic social change as in that of SEX. Prior to the First World War, it was illegal in the United States to publish, sell or distribute a book of instruction on the subject of sex. After World War I an avalanche of books, pamphlets, magazine and newspaper articles, teachings on sex, descended on the public. Yet in all this, the most vitally needed dimension of knowledge was missing. This missing dimension in knowledge has not been revealed by religion, by the medical fraternity, by the "authorities" on the subject nor by higher education.

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