Listen to  Place of Safety Place of Safety
Robert E Fahey - October 4, 1980

When I first started visiting in Canada, I was working as an area coordinator in Canada, or we call ourselves former area coordinators. It's a long story, and we were working there and I went around to the various churches. Of course, the Canadian people are often quite reserved. They're very co ...

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Listen to  Points for Bible Study Points for Bible Study
Garner Ted Armstrong - October 7, 1955

[Points Starts at 3:19] I wanted to give you a few points on Bible Study. I've notice in talking to many of you and I know the other ministers have, but there seems to be a few fundamental points of how to study your Bible that many of you perhaps have not thought of before or have missed. I think ...

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Listen to  Pray for God's Kingdom to Come Pray for God's Kingdom to Come
Gerald D Waterhouse - April 16, 1977

You know one of the, probably the hardest things to really perform or accomplish that Christ gave all Christians instructions, relevant there to, is to pray according to an outline He gave in real meat, in meaning He holds into the innermost being of one's self. Over here in Matthew 6, it says the ...

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Listen to  Prayer and Fasting Prayer and Fasting
Carn A Catherwood - October 10, 1981

Well, we're living through a very exciting momentous eventful time in the Church of God that show belief and growth and then there are recurring things that we talk about a great deal, I talked about it to some degree in the announcements and I think there is nothing more vital right now than main ...

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Listen to  Prayer From the Heart Prayer From the Heart
John H Ogwyn

You know there's a lot of things that are going on in the world around us and in the news, the events in the Middle East that are shaping up and the circumstances with the imminent death of Yasser Arafat and the things that are going to come, and the lets say, the consequence and the result of tha ...

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Listen to  Prayer of Faith Prayer of Faith
Carn A Catherwood

Last week, a week ago I should say, I got a phone call all the way from Australia which is a long, long way and it was a rather heart rending type of a phone call I talked to a lady who is in the final stages of cancer and she told me that the cancer had begun on her hip about 2 years ago, at least ...

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Listen to  Pre-Passover Pre-Passover
Hermon L Hoeh - March 26, 1977 - Passover

I would like to address today a question to all of us as to why we have the problems we have with ourselves as individuals. What is the nature and what is the cause and what is the solution to what we call personal and interpersonal relationships? And this is important because we are approaching the ...

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Listen to  Prepare For A Bath Prepare For A Bath
Norman A Smith - October 6, 1979 - Feast of Tabernacles

Good morning everyone, had to look around and see who all was here, looks like your all here, just about full. Certainly happy to be here with you in the Lake of the Ozarks this year, I've never been privileged to attend this festival site having basically lived in California. I grew up in souther ...

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Listen to  Prepare For Day of Atonement Prepare For Day of Atonement
John H Ogwyn - September 10, 1994

Well brethren as has already been mentioned in the sermonette and comments earlier we are very rapidly approaching the Feast of Tabernacles, but even more rapidly are we approaching another festival of God that comes between now and the Feast of Tabernacles and that is the Day of Atonement. Now ther ...

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Listen to  Prepare For The Prophesied Difficult Times Ahead Prepare For The Prophesied Difficult Times Ahead
Maceo D Hampton - November 17, 1979

Good afternoon, hopefully today to finish the series of sermons about the "International Year of the Child", when I started off I thought that it was something that was totally beneficial, honest and above board, and all that and we found out when you look into it that, the "International Year of th ...

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Listen to  Preparing For The Passover Preparing For The Passover
John H Ogwyn - March 12, 1994 - Passover

Brethren, in just two weeks, in fact we only have one more Sabbath before the Passover because two weeks from today will be the Sabbath right after the Passover, so we have just under two weeks until we meet here to take part in the Passover service. What is it that we do and why? You know it's im ...

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Listen to  Presence of God Presence of God
Richard F Ames - September 20, 1975 - Feast of Tabernacles

Today is the 7th month and the 15th day on God's calendar, this is a period of time that pictures an event, in a situation in the future, which the Great God and Savior of the world will have been on this earth for 14 days. Now, I wonder if we can all imagine what it will be like to have the turmo ...

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Listen to  Presenting The Truth To Others Presenting The Truth To Others
Herman L Hoeh - December 27, 1980

Was interesting, brethren, to note what has happened to the King James wording of charity? And for that matter, in the world, what has happened to the meaning of love? And why did Mr. Armstrong have to hit upon something else? Charity today, which had the sense of the song as we heard it beautifully ...

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Listen to  Promised Land Promised Land
Bryan H Hoyt - October 15, 1981 - Feast of Tabernacles

I've never known that this part of the country is also an adjunct to Texas. I see Mr. Chris is taking credit for the weather as well, so there will be a line forming over here if anybody has any comments about the weather. Mr. Chris is handling all those comments. You know, brethren, if you know h ...

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Listen to  Proof of the Bible - Part 1 Proof of the Bible - Part 1
Dean C Blackwell

Today, I'd like to ask you, when you put your hands on the Holy Bible and you open the Bible or you picked up your Bible, what attitude do you have? What does it do to you, what does it do for you, when you pick up your Bible and you open your Bible? Luke 8:18, seems strange that people can sit in ...

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