Brian Knowles  

Recent budget cuts have now made it necessary to cut back drastically on the amount of color used in the PT. We have been able to save a considerable amount of money by cutting back on the use of color photos. This not only saves in the cost of the photos themselves, but also in color separation costs. Additional cuts in travel, services and personnel have enabled the Editorial Services area to meet the requested budget reductions for 1979.

We do not anticipate any reduction in the quality of the content of the PT — and, after all, this is the main thing. It is the message, not the vehicle that carries it, that is most important.

The May PT has been tentatively paginated and copy will be sent to Tucson for Mr. Armstrong's approval this week. Layouts will follow.

We are still unable, as far as I know, to print the new healing booklet or any of the current booklets now in need of reprinting. Hopefully this will all change when the receivership is lifted.

—Brian Knowles, Editorial Services

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Pastor General's ReportFebruary 20, 1979Vol 3 No. 5