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What happened to the water in the Jordan river whilst the Israelites crossed?
It stood and rose up in a heap.

Joshua 3:16
Pagan Holidays - or God's Holydays - Which?
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Pagan Holidays - or God's Holydays - Which?

Where did CHRISTMAS come from? How did NEW YEAR'S Day celebration start? How did we come to observe EASTER? What is the true origin of Hallowe'en, St. Valentine's Day, and, other so-called "Christian" holidays? Where did we get SUNDAY? In the seventh chapter of the Book of Daniel is an amazing prophecy picturing for twenty-five hundred years into the future, from the day it was written, the course of the Gentile dominion over the world. Starting with the ancient Chaldean Empire of Nebuchadnezzar, this prophecy foretells the successive world-rule of the Persian Empire, Alexander's Grecio-Macedonian kingdom with its four divisions, and, finally, of the mighty ROMAN EMPIRE.

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Publication Date: 1957
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