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What did Jesus say about the hairs of our head?
They are numbered.

Matthew 10:30
Church Versus State - Part 2
Telecast Date: April 23, 1979
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The Ambassador College campus in Pasadena, California has been the Headquarters of the Worldwide Church of God for 32 years. Here on January 3rd began one of the most dramatic confrontations between Church and State in 200 years of American legal history. The Worldwide Church of God was placed into receivership following a secret court hearing, a hearing of which Church officials knew nothing. At the hearing a deputy California Attorney General presented a lawsuit alleging that the Church was indeed so mismanaged as to be worthy of receivership. The lawsuit accused Herbert Armstrong and Stanley Rader of "...siphoning off the property and assets of the Church..." for their own personal use on a scale of several million dollars per year...

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Telecast Date: April 23, 1979