June 24, 1963  
June 24, 1963 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

Written from Ambassador College, St. Albans, near London, England

June 24, 1963

Dear Friend:

   This semi-annual personal letter from me comes almost a month late—and I want to tell you why.

   As most of you know, twice each year I try personally to write a special letter to all of you who are subscribers to The PLAIN TRUTH. Each time I try to have something special to offer you—as a free gift, of course—but something I feel you would really value.

   I realize that scores of thousands of you are absolutely astonished that there is never any price on anything we offer you— that there is never any request, directly or indirectly, for contributions on The WORLD TOMORROW program.

   Some simply can't believe it—but of course it's true! Continually hundreds keep asking, "How can you do it?" Several times, in these semi-annual letters, I have given our readers the straightforward answer. I have explained how the Eternal God definitely called me, and our Co-Workers, to be His instruments in God's own Work—and how Christ's Gospel must not be sold. We are merely the instruments God is using.

   It is GOD who is doing His Work—and GOD does not beg the public for contributions, nor sell people His TRUTH or His salvation! Hundreds who have sent money to pay for literature or The PLAIN TRUTH subscription have had their money returned to them. I have explained before how God has His own way, revealed in the Bible (His tithe and offering system), for financing His Work—and how we are used in God's Work doing it HIS WAY!

   Of course there's nothing else like it on earth! Christ is not divided. He doesn't have many conflicting and contradicting Works going.

   For six weeks I have been striving to get prepared for you something many thousands of you have urgently requested— something never before written or published—the long-awaited forthcoming book revealing the plain truths of sex and marriage. That's what I hoped to offer you with this letter. Out of the entire avalanche of sex literature being hurled at the public like a tidal wave today, I have never yet found one book which reveals this sorely-needed TRUTH as GOD intended the humans He created to understand it.

   The revealed WORD OF GOD is the very foundation of all knowledge. There is no area of knowledge in which this is more true than in the subjects of sex and of the marriage relationship. Forty-five years ago you could not have bought any such book in the United States—it was illegal to sell such a book. The subject was hush-hush—mysterious—and regarded as evil and nasty. Then the world's flood-gates opened and today sex information is being thrown at you from all directions. But it all comes from the cesspool of materialism, devoid of a knowledge of GOD'S PURPOSES and RIGHT USES.

   Every book I have examined presents the subject from the approach of carnality, self-gratification, sensualism. GOD designed and created sex. The BIBLE is His instruction-book to His creatures, explaining His purposes, and HOW to use this human mechanism of mind and body to accomplish His divinely-endowed objectives. But I have never found a book yet that explains God's PURPOSES for sex—or its right uses for human happiness.

   I know well that at least three-fourths of all marriages have been rendered unhappy because of a lack of this vital knowledge. And all these books written by physicians, biologists, psychologists, sexologists, and self-appointed marriage counsellors, have failed to impart the true knowledge so necessary to real happiness—to finding the TRUE VALUES of happy, abundant living. I know what a crying NEED there is for this book from God's minister. And it will be a frank revealing of the WHOLE subject.

   But I have been unable to get it completed in time. I hoped that, over here in England, I could be sufficiently freed from the routine of constant executive responsibilities that burden me down at Pasadena, so that I might stay right on it and complete it quickly. But the college here in England is growing rapidly, and continuous distractions have prevented. I have made a good start, and hope to have it ready by December.

   But there is another book—a companion volume—on a related subject, which we have never yet seemed to get around to publishing. It is also vitally IMPORTANT!

   That is the book on CHILD REARING!

   Is there any subject about which there is less real understanding, today? Is any subject more important? When parents bring a sweet, lovable but helpless little baby into the world, they assume a terrific RESPONSIBILITY for the proper teaching, training, and rearing of that child into a fine, upstanding adult.

   In this field, too, there are many books today—written from the approach of the modern false psychology. In this area of instruction, again, the BIBLE is the very FOUNDATION of right and true knowledge. But it has been totally ignored by the "authorities." .

   If you want your children to be healthy, happy, and to live abundantly, enjoying life, while becoming USEFUL citizens and leading truly SUCCESSFUL lives, you'll need this book on Child Rearing.

   I have just been on the telephone, with an overseas conversation with my son, Garner Ted Armstrong. This subject of child rearing is his specialty. He has three fine sons. He practices what he preaches, and the results are quite evident to all who know his boys. He has made exhaustive study and research into this subject and, I believe, is today the world's foremost authority on child rearing.

   He not only has full and complete understanding of God's own basic revelation, as the FOUNDATION for this knowledge—he also is thoroughly familiar with the technical and psychological teachings in the leading text-books on the subject by these so- called "authorities."

   And he has the living EXPERIENCE of training his own three children.

   He is now hastening to gather together from his broadcast scripts, from his published writings in The PLAIN TRUTH and elsewhere, with what additional matter he may be able to write, the material for a new good-sized booklet to be put on the press immediately.

   I believe it will be ready for mailing just about as soon as I can get this letter into your hands and your request can reach our headquarters offices in Pasadena.

   We will not send it, except upon your personal request. I'm sure you realize we never wish to impose even valuable and precious literature on any who do not want it. But I do hope you'll request your copy, which will be waiting for you.

   Remember, this is a NEW booklet, now being prepared, assembled, written, and printed. It has never been announced or offered before. It will NOT be announced or offered in The PLAIN TRUTH or on the air for some time. I want you to have the opportunity to receive your copy before it is offered generally to the public.

   Of course there's no charge or price whatsoever. As you well know, there's not going to be any follow-up or request for contributions. It's a real pleasure and a JOY to be able to offer important things like this, absolutely FREE. And it is important!

   Meanwhile, I shall devote every available hour to writing the sequel to this—my own forthcoming book on the real truth about sex and marriage. I hope I shall be able to offer this by December.

   To make it as easy as possible for you to order your free copy of this NEW booklet by Garner Ted Armstrong, on Child Rearing, I am enclosing a request card. Just fill in, and mail it at once in the enclosed self-addressed return envelope. I have been interrupted no less than ten times, with telephone calls, conferences, and many things while writing this letter. I hope it makes sense, and conveys to you how grateful I am for your INTEREST, and the opportunity God has given of serving you.

   Be sure to mail your request IMMEDIATELY, before YOU are interrupted and it leaves your mind. THANK YOU!

Most sincerely, in Christ's name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 24, 1963
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