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Who am I: I was appointed to represent the might of Rome as a Roman procurator of Judea in AD 26-36. The greatest failure of my career was my holding a trial. I chose expediency above principle.
Pontius Pilate

Mark 15

Plain Truth Magazine
July 1959
Volume: Vol XXIV, No.7
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The world has swallowed one of the greatest LIES of all time! YOU have come to believe it! SEE, with your own startled eyes, how the LIE has been used to further the aims of a HIDDEN, UNSEEN enemy! Why do our national leaders fear Communism? Why is the threat of Red invasion constantly in the minds of much of the world? Why is the United States so concerned about Russia's missile program, her development of atomic aircraft, her space satellites and nuclear weapons? Yes WHY?

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Plain Truth MagazineJuly 1959Vol XXIV, No.7