We're Family
Ross F Jutsum  
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Title: Festival of Music 3
Category: We're Family
Cassette 1: Side A
Song Title: We're Family
Composer: Ross F Jutsum
Performed by: Ross F Jutsum

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors

Good to see we're all together again
It's a very special place
Well it's no surprise
That gleam in your eyes
And that smile upon your face
With so many friends
Both old and new
There's a feeling, oh so rare
The anticipation is felt all around
There's excitement in the air


   Because we're family
   And it's so plain to see
   For all eternity
   We'll be together, you and me
   Now as we do our part
   Keep dreaming in your heart
   Of how we'll always be
   We're family

When I'm gone I feel a void in my life
I miss our special bond
People say when you're away for awhile
That the heart grows a little more fond
Now we're back together
To give and live
In peace and harmony
We are building for tomorrow
We are making history


Yes, it's tough to stand up against the crowd
And to swim against the stream
But together we can say out loud
"Let's fulfill our life-long dream..."


For all eternity, we're family