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AC Festival of Music
Sunset to Sunset
Rick Peterson
QR CodeTitle: Festival of Music 3
Category: Now and Forever
Cassette 1: Side B
Song Title: Sunset to Sunset
Composer: Ross F Jutsum
Tenor Solo: Performed by Rick Peterson

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors

A hard-workin' man spends all of his life
Trying to make his daily bread
He toils through the day for his family and wife
Does his best to keep ahead
Six days to work and do all his labor
One other day is a blessing and favor


   Sunset to sunset
   Time to remember how and why and when
   Sunset to sunset
   Time to reflect on Creation once again
   Longing for a day to call a delight
   Yearnin' to think about what's right
   Hoping for a time to love and be blessed
   A day of rest

   Sunset to sunset

Now God looks upon His creation on earth
At His children here below
It must seem a little bit funny
To see us running to and fro
Passing the time just doing our own thing
Gettin' so busy, just hear all the sounds ring


A day of rest
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