Someone Special
Jeffrey Broadnax  
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Title: Festival of Music 3
Category: Now and Forever
Cassette 1: Side B
Song Title: Someone Special
Composer: Ross F Jutsum
Baritone Solo: Performed by Jeffrey Broadnax

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors

Dedicated to all the mothers and fathers in our worldwide family

I'd just like to let you know
How much you mean to me
All the loving things you like to do
And you do so tenderly
Many times I need you
Someone on whom I depend
I'd just like to let you know
You'll always be my friend


   You are someone special
   You are someone dear to me
   Always there to comfort
   And provide in time of need
   Sharing, ever caring
   Like a shepherd tends his sheep
   You are someone special
   With a love that's growing deep

Often when the going's tough
And I don't know where to turn
I know you'll be standing by
With helpful lessons to be learned
Happy when I feel good
Sorry when I'm sad
Often when the going's tough
It's really not that bad


If you have a mother
Won't you cherish her with care
Or you'll never know how much she's worth
Till you see her empty chair
If you have a father
Show him all your love
If you do the praise will come
From Father God above


Someone special