The Prevailing Wind (Howdy Y'all)
Young Ambassadors  
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Title: Festival of Music 1
Category: Horizons
Cassette 1: Side B
Song Title: The Prevailing Wind (Howdy Y'all)
Performed by: The Young Ambassadors

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors

The Prevailing Wind (Musical)

Howdy Y'all

Make yourself right at home
And relax as we roam
Round the Big Sandy campus today
Sing along if you wish
Help us catch lots of fish
As we merrily roll on our way


   From the shores of Lake Loma
   A great place to meet
   Our friends and our neighbors
   We're happy to greet
   We're extending an East Texas welcome this fall
   Won't you join us and say a big "Howdy Y'all"

Now in France, it's "Bon Jour"
And in England, "Hello"
In Australia, a simple "Good-day"
"Buenos Dias" in Spain
And in Israel "Shalom"
I forget what the East Texans say...


The Piney Woods sing with the songbirds of spring
The valley's in colorful bloom
The smiles on our faces are showing the traces
Of happiness humming its tune

Californians say "Hi"
But when you're feelin' low
Well, a good friend might give you a call
With a bright yellow rose from deep down in his heart
He will bid you a "Howdy Y'all!"