Family, Now and Forever
Young Ambassadors  
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Title: Festival of Music 3
Category: Now and Forever
Cassette 1: Side B
Song Title: Family, Now and Forever
Composer: Ross F Jutsum
Performed by: The Young Ambassadors

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors

The Young Ambassadors Dedicated to the worldwide family

In Spanish, "sommos una familia"
In German, "wir sind eine familia"
Italian's, "noi siamo una familia"
In French, "nous sommes une famille"
In Russian, they say "me semja"
In Hebrew, "anachnu mishpaha"
Chinese, "woman shur yi jar ren"
In English, I'll tell you, my friend:


   We are family, now and forever
   Like jewels for the kingdom prepare
   With our loved ones we cherish and treasure
   The wonderful memories we share
   Reflecting on life-time endeavor
   Our faces will shine like the sun
   We are family, now and forever
   Together we're growing as one

No matter what accent or language
No matter what nation or tongue
To friends far and near
The message is clear
Our family's becoming as one
Begotten and soon to be born
That glorious age soon will dawn
It's more than a phrase or a dream
It's all that our life's meant to be