I'll Walk With God
John Beaver  
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Title: Festival of Music 2
Category: More Guest Soloists
Cassette 4: Side B
Song Title: I'll Walk With God
Words by: Paul Francis Webster
Composer: Nicholas Brodsky
Tenor Solo: Performed by John Beaver

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors

I'll walk with God from this day on
His helping hand I'll lean upon
This is my prayer, my humble plea
May the Lord be ever with me

There is no death, tho' eyes grow dim
There is no fear when I'm near to Him
I'll lean on Him forever
And He'll forsake me never

He will not fail me as long as my faith is strong
Whatever road I may walk along

I'll walk with God, I'll take His hand
I'll talk with God, He'll understand
I'll pray to Him, each day to Him
And He'll hear the words that I say
His hand will guide my throne and rod
And I'll never walk alone while I walk with God