Be You Strong and of Good Courage
Young Ambassadors  
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Title: Festival of Music 3
Category: We're Family
Cassette 1: Side A
Song Title: Be You Strong and of Good Courage
Composer: Ross F Jutsum (Chorus paraphrased from Joshua 8)
Performed by: The Young Ambassadors

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors

When the baton passed from Moses
To Joshua years ago
The Eternal gave instruction
In the way that he should go

He promised to stay right by his side
To help him understand
Promised to be his strength and guide
To help hold up his hands


   Be you strong and of good courage
   This is what the Lord commands
   To His people He'll divide
   For an inheritance the land

   Be you strong and of good courage
   Keep the law and never turn
   To the left or to the right hand
   Then you'll prosper and you'll learn

   You'll learn to meditate
   Day and night
   To savor happiness
   And strive to always do what's right
   Then you shall see success

   Be you strong and of good courage
   Hear these words and do attend
   Be not afraid, nor be dismayed
   And endure until the end

As we come on down through history
Unto the end-time age
Once again the baton has been passed
We turn another page

Examples have been written down
For all the world to read
Make sure you stand on solid ground
We surely must take heed