A World of Wonders
Ross F Jutsum  
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Title: Festival of Music 3
Category: We're Family
Cassette 1: Side A
Song Title: A World of Wonders
Composer: Ross F Jutsum
Tenor Solo: Performed by Michael North

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors

Theme song for 1987 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade

Once upon a time
The world could boast
Of seven ancient wonders
The mighty pyramids
Alone remain to be seen
Wondrous sights and sounds
Still us surround
Like lightning, rain and thunder
Big, and bright, and busy
Small and soft and serene

Yes, the marvels of technology astound us
There's no doubt they keep us constantly amazed
But the natural wonders thrill us and delight us
And they fill our hearts with thankfulness and praise


   There's a world of wonders to open up your eyes
   Every rainbow, every moonglow
   That brightens up the skies
   Every time you look around
   There's more to touch and taste and hear
   Taking time to smell the roses
   Brings creation very near

   There's a world of wonders too numerous to call
   Every season
   Every springtime, every summer, winter, fall
   When the earth is filled with peace again
   And all the world is free
   Yes, that will be the greatest wonder of all

Travelling 'round the globe
We see a world of beauty and precision
Intricate designs of every shape, every size
Moving on a sparkling jewel
We know as home and we envision
Savoring the happy memories all of our lives

Just like children learning all the joys of living
And discovering life's wonderful delights
When we treasure every precious gift we're given
We can soar like eagles reaching toward new heights