Blessing of the Little Children
Young Ambassadors  
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Title: Festival of Music 2
Category: Special Music Originals
Cassette 2: Side B
Song Title: Blessing Of The Little Children
Composer: Ross F Jutsum (Lyrics paraphrased from Mark 10, I Corinthians 7)
Performed by: The Young Ambassadors

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors

They brought young children to the Lord to touch the Master's hand
They had heard of all the miracles He performed throughout the land
Disciples did rebuke them with their faces stern and grim
But when Jesus saw He was so displeased and beckoned them to Him


   Let the little children come unto Me this day
   Of such is God's great Kingdom and truly do I say
   My Father gives eternal life to His begotten sons
   So receive the Kingdom like a child
   Just like these little ones

He took the children in His arms and held them tenderly
Then He placed His hand upon their heads
For all the world to see how He loved them
He asked a special blessing on these little ones so dear
For God's guidance and protection throughout the coming year


We know they're set apart by God because of His great love
With the hosts of guardian angels watching closely from above
Let's follow in the footsteps of our soon coming King
And then our Father's worldwide Family, together we will sing


So receive the Kingdom like a child
Just like these little ones