Onward Ye Peoples
Young Ambassadors  
AC Festival of Music Presentations Date: 1986
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Title: Festival of Music 3
Category: Onward
Cassette 2: Side B
Song Title: Onward Ye Peoples
Composer: Jean Sibrlius
Performed by: Young Ambassadors

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors

Onward, ye peoples
Strive for the Light
The Light that the Lord
Hath given us for our guide
Who through murk and darkness of night
Hath led us in safety unto our reward

See how the fiery pillar is gleaming
Lighting our steps
When dark is the way
And the Light of the World
It cleaveth the gloomy
Blackness of night
That else would engulf us
See how the cloudy pillar to shield us
Safe when the sun would blister us

Then forward, where faith revealeth the way
For God is our guide
And He will never fail
Fires are gleaming
Voices are singing
Forth from Mount Neboh's heaven-storming height

Salem, Salem
Hark, they call us
Upward and on, to our Father's home

Salem, Salem
On the horizon
Urging us on to God and our home
And the heavenly choir doth ring from Mount Neboh
Piercing the blue like a living light

AC Festival of Music Presentations Date: 1986
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