Rivers of Living Waters
Young Ambassadors  
AC Festival of Music Presentations Date: 1986
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Title: Festival of Music 3
Category: Onward
Cassette 2: Side B
Song Title: Rivers of Living Waters
Composer: Ross F Jutsum (Lyrics paraphrased from John 4, 7; Isaiah 11, 58; Zachariah 14; Revelation 21 & 22)
Tenor Solo: Performed by Michael North

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors

In the last day, that great day of the feast
Jesus stood and He cried aloud
To the Jews and the Pharisees, and the chief priests
He addressed the assembled crowd:
"If any man thirst, let him come unto Me
And he'll never thirst again
And from out of his mouth, living waters shall flow
Everlasting life for all men..."


   Rivers of living water shall flow
   God's gift, the whole creation will show
   Peaceful, and free from fear
   Gentle, and crystal clear
   One day from new Jerusalem shall go
   Flowing, at last the whole world will know that God
   gives to those who freely receive
   Rivers, if you believe

Jesus has said: "Let him freely partake
Of the water of life I give
Just like a spring where the waters don't fail
He will flourish as long as he lives"
When the Fountain of all living water returns
He will let the oppressed go free
And the earth will be filled with the knowledge of God
As the waters cover the sea


AC Festival of Music Presentations Date: 1986
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