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The Gift of Eternal Life The Gift of Eternal Life
Herbert W Armstrong - July 1, 1982 - 82-16

How much longer can this world get along without God? The world news lately has been boiling over, the Poland crisis, the world's economy is in terrible trouble all over the world. The unemployment is rising. More tensions around the world. Iraq and Iran war in early June, the Israelis were drivin ...View Transcript

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The Scarlet-Colored Beast The Scarlet-Colored Beast
Herbert W Armstrong - June 4, 1982 - 82-14

Time is running out, Armageddon is closer day-by-day. Troubles even wars between nations are increasing all the time, the Falkland crisis and the Poland crisis. What is going to develop out of the Middle Eastern strife, out of the many other trouble spots all around the world? Just how near are we t ...View Transcript

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The Coming Four Horsemen The Coming Four Horsemen
Herbert W Armstrong - May 27, 1982 - 82-13

And I saw when the lamb had opened one of the seals, and behold, a white horse. And he that sat on him had a bow, and a crown was given unto him, and he went forth conquering and to conquer. And when he had opened the second seal, there went out another horse that was red. Power was given him that s ...View Transcript

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Why Does God Allow War? Why Does God Allow War?
Herbert W Armstrong - May 18, 1982 - 82-12

There's no end in sight now to wars; the frightening unthinkable nuclear world war looms closer and closer all the time. The only prospect now in sight is ever accelerating escalation of wars. But why does God allow wars, if God is love? He certainly wouldn't want people to die in the way they d ...View Transcript

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The Cause of Today's Troubles The Cause of Today's Troubles
Herbert W Armstrong - May 11, 1982 - SP-49

As world conditions mount closer and closer to the unthinkable, world nuclear World War III, I continue to have talks with Heads of State all over the world. I go as an unofficial Ambassador for world peace and yet I am actually the Ambassador of Jesus Christ who is the coming Head of State over all ...View Transcript

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Far East Special - Part 3 Far East Special - Part 3
Herbert W Armstrong - April 29, 1982 - SP-46

Why haven't you heard the gospel of Jesus Christ? The same gospel that Jesus himself proclaimed? You've been hearing a lot about a gospel, but you've been hearing a gospel of men about Christ, not the gospel that Christ preached or the gospel of Christ, but a gospel of men. Within about 22 yea ...View Transcript

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To the Brink of Cosmocide! To the Brink of Cosmocide!
Herbert W Armstrong - April 26, 1982 - 82-11

What if a real madman, head of a nation, should set off an atomic weapon? Now, what about such leaders as well? Another Hitler that might arise as Gaddafi, as Arafat, or men like Khomeini. You think that men like that would hesitate to use an atomic weapon? It would start a chain reaction that would ...View Transcript

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Far East Special - Part 2 Far East Special - Part 2
Herbert W Armstrong - April 18, 1982 - SP-45

Has anything ever been so misunderstood as the gospel of Jesus Christ? People simply do not understand it. It was not a tawdry sentimental message, saying sweetly, 'May this message be a blessing to your hearts.' It was a hard-hitting message telling people what was wrong and what is causing all ...View Transcript

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Far East Special - Part 1 Far East Special - Part 1
Herbert W Armstrong - March 24, 1982 - SP-44

Violence and armed aggression in the world is escalating, and it seems to be increasing day by day and week by week. Look at the trouble spots in the world as they are right now. The troubles in Poland, in the Middle East, in Afghanistan, the Iraq-Iran war, the troubles in North Ireland between Nort ...View Transcript

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Revelation - Catastrophic Event Revelation - Catastrophic Event
Herbert W Armstrong - March 8, 1982 - 82-10

The news today is all bad news. Why, why is the news all bad news in a time of 20th century progress of awesome progress that has been made by science, technology, and through various governments during this 20th century? And yet the news is all bad news, why? Let me repeat once again, as I've sai ...View Transcript

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Revelation - Mysterious Beast Revelation - Mysterious Beast
Herbert W Armstrong - February 26, 1982 - 82-09

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns, ten crowns, and upon his heads, the names of blasphemy. And the beast, which I saw, was like unto a leopard. And the feet were the feet of a bear, and his mouth as ...View Transcript

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Revelation - The True Gospel Revelation - The True Gospel
Herbert W Armstrong - February 23, 1982 - 82-08

Where is the world headed now? What is going to develop out of the Middle Eastern strife, out of Poland, out of the many other trouble spots all around the world. Prognosticators can't tell you; they don't know what is going to happen. Only the eternal God knows. Now there is a purpose being wor ...View Transcript

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Revelation - Christ 2nd Coming Revelation - Christ 2nd Coming
Herbert W Armstrong - February 11, 1982 - 82-07

Today's news is all bad news. You've heard, of course, about the good news and the bad news; and today it's all bad news in the papers and in newscasts. But out of all the Middle East strife, out of the Poland situation, out of all of these trouble spots in the world, what great world-shaking ...View Transcript

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A Solution for World Problems A Solution for World Problems
Herbert W Armstrong - February 5, 1982 - 82-06

I've had many meetings with heads of nations all around this world. And in these meetings, I discuss with them their problems and especially the world problems of peace, international problems and of the world in general. You know, we live in a world that is an unbelievable paradox. We're in a w ...View Transcript

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Mideast Special - Part 2 Mideast Special - Part 2
Herbert W Armstrong - January 15, 1982 - SP-43

Who will solve the Middle East crisis? After years of conflict, the Middle East is still an enigma of insoluble problems, a web of impossibilities. There are so many questions, especially those posed by the PLO terrorists, such as the plight of the Palestinians, the control of Jerusalem, the autonom ...View Transcript

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